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spc50 said ()

Totally true.

Outlaw country = the trailer park and mucky farms. Rap is urban asses fault, I mean asphalt at 130F and projects and hoods.

Different wrappers on the same social dysfunction.

Often poverty as major underlying cause. Mental health like 80% of time in play. Drugs and alcohol are almost always an arm length away. Abuse soon follows.

I am okay with both forms of music. So long as it isn't horror and gore just for shock value. So long as it isn't artist just trying to be a bad ass cause of their scary past.

I like music that tells stories. Prefer true stories. Doesn't need to be their own story.

Not into degenerate, demeaning, etc. Some old stuff that I tolerate like that. Gil Scott Heron back in 1970s had a choice track about trannies parading around New York City. Today he'd get endless terror because of. Back then it was edgy but fine. Not mainstream airplay, nor was much of his large body of work.

WAP? Sure that's a good thing and saves on the KY. But that's some filthy ghetto stuff and no place should be for it on the public radio waves. Include in that big chunk of rap, and big chunk of outlaw country.

Toss in metalcore too and the endless satan signaling, blood worship, etc.


spc50 said ()

I am a big fan of Jello Biafra's spoken word albums.

Back when issues were real and people decent about the struggles against the imposing force of government.

Recent times Biafra has fallen out of sanity and went on Nazi rant about Trump. War of words against his former bandmates. Etc.


smartypants said ()

I have mixed feelings on this type of mix. (no pun intended)

mainly, as a big fan, and a person that toured a little on road with Green Day in 1994... they year they got famous... I tend to only like punkier stuff, but my brain also likes novelty in general.

As for trance,goa,shoegazer,dub step,dream pop,house,acid trance,hard style trance, bubble,Darkpsy, and fast electronica... all have their place in moderation.