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I assume you don't want to get the Android dev tools and run Blockfolio in an emulated Android tablet. That sound like a straightforward app to write. The trick is getting reliable access to reference data (historical prices, etc.). Is there a site with an API that serves that info?

I'm not aware of such an app for the Linux desktop, but I'm happy to advise adventurous coders who have the time to make this app happen.


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Eh, some conservatives are upset by the book Heather Has Two Mommies. I would argue that those conservatives are not "the good guys", thus validating Ramaswamy's point. So, yeah, he's pretty much right!


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May I humbly suggest pacman -Syu rather than doubling up the y? Here's a forum post about yy: Arch Forum Post (clear net).

It's ironic. Over the last 10 years or so, I've switched from the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint to Arch, and I used Debian for many years prior. Yet, I really can't think of any specific tips. The Arch Wiki is first class, and I just refer to that whenever attempting something new. Honestly, I switched to Arch simply because the Wiki was so good.