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Looks like pedo bait to me.

Is there a subculture in Japan of sexual deviants who like young looking women dressed up like a french maid?


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Reply to I'll wait... by Rambler

You shouldn't ever censor the free speech and expression of anyone else.

Banning a book? Sure, let's not put pedo materials in an elementary school. Let's not put Penthouse in the boy's bathroom.

There has to be some appropriate audience and placement where unacceptable.

But preventing the printing of. That's bonkers. I don't care if it is the Anarchist's Bible (self wounding will happen) or it's some fringe deviant sex crap that runs afoul of current laws.

Those who seek to censor broadly are enemies of humanity.


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In fairness, that is some cheap / weak metal with a very low melting point.

Same video was one with the LEDs... That's interesting pulse charger that could be made to siphon some energy.

Those Lister motors are just wonderful. Almost bought one years back. Sad I didn't.


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There is a name for this movement - which I do not know. It is not just in Denmark.

It is a global thing at this time.

I found the article funny. That men have been turned into accessories, sperm donors and perma paycheck since they got laid once and bore child.

That description applies to the United States experience since at least the 1960's. 50-60 years into this horrible insanity in the US.


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Thank you Rambler!

May I recommend this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/privacy-redirect/

Privacy Redirect catches common spy platforms and bounces you to privacy respecting alt wrappers.. This includes Invidious instances for avoiding YouTube (which you can manually plug this new one into).

Same plugin exists for Chrome (die Google!).


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... I thought we had laws over US companies on being pawned like this.

They are supposed to notify people.

Hate to tell my liberal idealistic friends conducting such hate campaigns, but this ceaseless pursuit of politically in opposite to you doesn't end well. Two party system is an illusion. Theater. Two wings of the same lying bird.

You just are going to cause utter dis-abandonment of sites, web, etc. All of them.

I couldn't care any less because I view liberal pursuits as what already wrecked the technology almost 20 years ago. Not a silly-con valley firm at mass scale who isn't wonky liberal. Go abroad it they are headed up by control freaks with clearer stripes.

Only going to defund yourselves and send everyone into hidden and much more fortified private spaces. Your endless data collection and intelligence will die swiftly.


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The nerve of Google (read this carefully):

The judge demanded an explanation “about what exactly Google does,” while voicing concern that visitors to the court’s website are unwittingly disclosing information to the company. “I want a declaration from Google on what information they’re collecting on users to the court’s website, and what that’s used for,” Koh told the company’s lawyers. The case is Brown v. Google, 20-cv-03664, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Jose).

---> cause the Court's own website is bugged with Google tracking bullshit.


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I have one... and not real thrilled that I do. Smartyfone that is.

I mainly have it just for text / secure messaging and keeping track of of things (read monitoring, security, shipments, etc.).

It mainly lives on wifi only.

More and more I am dividing into two devices though. One that does the internet connecting and 4G... and one that is free of the overt spyware and only wifi... Might opt for something like a rooted Asus Transformer model tablet for this.

Only time I am face glued is in limited sips in the day... infrequent... Winding down pre sleep, yeah, transition from workstation to putzing around via phone.

I really try to use the portable devices for productive things. I swear.


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So incognito still tracks everything.

Google says they tell you that in voluminous Terms that no one reads and most are incapable of understanding.

How about simplifying this. Law... Precedent...

Terms of Service --- must declare everything. If Terms are longer than one page in length, they are undecipherable and therefore illegal.

You can't claim contract or agreement through deception.

Saying people knowing agreed is utter tripe. They and the brethren in Silly-con Valley have created this low IQ, inability to focus and unwillingness to read form of blind trust.

Time we declare the Trust illegally formed, the contracts done under deception, and hold these people liable for damages.

We want our reparations. Time for victims of the tech slave plantation to revolt.


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That's amazing. Who knew? You knew. Rocking!

There are ways to do these transactions. Just have to get creative and certainly is going to be a cost premium. Not for the pedestrians.

COVID'noia has been interesting with the whole face covering thing.

Legit can go full nut paranoid and wear a helmet and people may look but zero they are going to do. Cash and carry in your astronaut suit :)

But yep, no retail buy of System76. Shame.


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This is that corporate partnership with government to run around your rights.

Remember, governments are corporations too. Nevermind they are special status of and issue corporate permissions for their servant corporations (the business versions).

Our laws are failing to deal with this bullshit. Failing to deal with privacy. Failing to deal with dumb clicked on walls of words where they tell you to pound salt and get AIDS, we rape you and you approved it agreements. You consented, so they claim.

It's time to chuck the phone. Sorry but 85% of apps are useless. Any app that requires any permissions beyond what is obviously needed, should be uninstalled.

I am very much into flip burner phones. Cash and carry. But good luck following that rabbit trail. But need to have real discipline about that phone never coming on anywhere except in designated neutral safe place.

Also have to be diligent about dropping them and moving on. Zero attachment to. Short term handling.

Faraday bags are mandatory for storing. Battery removed.


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Good time to promote the organization mentioned start of the article: https://www.fightforthefuture.org/projects

They seem to be a worthy one fighting digital tech tyranny in various foms.

I will say the whole camera all over thing is getting out of control. 16 cameras they said in and around vehicle? Armored trucks don't even go that nutty on security.

I do a lot of road cycling. 10's of thousands of miles a year. Many places where traffic is rude, dangerous and downright out to inflict harm. I have one camera on loop during trips through questionable areas. Ideally should have two- one front, one facing rear.

When I have just the one, I am stopped by inquisitive people. I can tell people are worried about their privacy and realizing implications of such potentially.

Additionally, I am very much into core strength and weighted pack hiking - urban environments mostly. My pack has a breast pocket loop with a bodycam on it. Similar reason and intent. That too, every time I am out, it gets noticed and someone inquires.

Now I am not using the data or doing anything with it. It's insurance just in case of incident of road rage, escalated loud mouth, etc.

Amazon in contrast is sending all this data to their cloud, making intelligence of, storing it.

Look at Google imagery for maps. Piling up. Used by investigators routinely.


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Can't forget the BIOS issues too... Allegedly infested with backdoors and exploits, by design.

That's why we see 'open source' drop in replacements.

I'll say, QUBES OS did a good run for a while on the OS layer to attempt to shield and isolate things.

Been a while since I ran it because in recent versions it is damn needy about what it will run on. At point where you have to buy a System76 model, Lenovo specific model or a few others or no real chance of getting it to run.

With Qubes OS would continue momentum and direct sell machines ready to run their OS. It's a bit odd to get use to but it's definitely a worthy project in my opinion.


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So glad to have you here on Ramble friend! Awesome posts.

This 4 mic thing and one for the alphabet agencies coupled together with we put your device back online as a feature.

No thank you. Never liked Apple, never buying one.

Not saying other manufacturers are any better. Maybe the $500 I save on a phone makes me feel less violated.