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That's kind of what I've gathered but hopefully I get hit with some knowledge. My understanding is only very basic of it. And I still hop on Zeronet / Aether and lurk. I know other, similar networks exist too.

I'm not shitting on those types of networks, they certainly have value that centralized networks do not. Not sure if there is a good 'in-between' where a user/individual still retains the ability to control the data they've published after clicking "submit".


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Looks cool, I'll check it out.

I may be one of the few who isn't super giddy about decentralized P2P networks though. They certainly have their benefits, but I also like the idea that things I say/post can also be deleted and not around for as long as other people/servers/nodes/whatever have it.

Maybe I'm just unfamiliar how networks like these work and centralized networks certainly have many flaws as well, but at least I could, if I wanted, axe this server and my data and everyone else's would die with it minus any sort of 3rd party archiving done by individuals (Ex: archive.is / waybackmachine, etc)

EDIT: Ah, requires you to run an app or program to access it. Not a normal website, similar to Aether. I'll hold off for now, but welcome newcomers to the market and anything that weens people off of traditional social media like Facebook/Twitter.


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I'll send food back if it's made wrong, no big deal. It happens. When I was younger I worked in restaurants and have had steaks I was proud of sent back and have other food sent back that I either made incorrectly or the waitress wrote the order incorrectly.

"Shit happens".

Respect and understanding goes a long way regardless of what side of the coin you're on.


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It's just a simple, lightweight and more privacy focused way to access pre-existing YouTube videos.

Unfortunately YouTube is still where the wealth of content exist. I still look at alternatives such as BitChute, Odysee, Tv.gab.com, etc however none of them have the 'normal, every day content' that I'm seeking. It's like 80% political / news, with the rest gaming or tech / crypto talk that I don't care about. Hard to find good content on them for things like music, weird hobby stuff, or just general DIY projects. I recently had to do a bit of work on my car. I found only one video on YouTube to show me what all I needed to do to complete the task at hand. Only one, and it wasn't even for the model I had but a similar one that was 'close enough'. The other sites just don't have that content unfortunately.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to ditch YouTube and not look back. But unlike Google search, for Youtube, there is just no great alternative. There are some good ones, but they're not great, and they're only good for a very particular type of content right now. At least with virtually all other Google products they're easily replaceable. OpenStreetMaps, any other email provider, DuckDuckgo or other search engines, I dont' need cloud storage so Drive doesn't matter to me, etc. But YouTube... Just can't be replaced yet.

Example: Let's find videos on how to frame a wall when building a house.

Bitchute: Nothing

Odysee (Lbry): Nothing

Gab TV: Blocks VPNs, so fuck them.

YouTube/Invidiouos instances: TON OF RESULTS

Case in point: The alternatives just don't have the content to be considered real alternatives. Yeah, they may not ban you from the platform like YouTube will for certain things, but "normal content" that isn't political, news, gaming, crypto, commentary, etc just doesn't exist on them.