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Well, there is still the idea of rebranding to https://otr.cx which is a domain I own that I'd like to put to use and I think is a better 'fit' for what I really wanted this site to be.

The thing about this site is the software that runs it is near prohibitively difficult to work with and is developed by someone who is completely against the idea of this site using her software. (It's open source and public: https://gitlab.com/postmill )

My coding skills are, well, pretty non-existent. Outside of some basic PHP and bash scripting you won't see anything created from scratch by me. And trust me, I've gone through the entire fleet of available projects found of github / gitlab as well over the last few months.

Unfortunately, anything like feature requests are just out of the picture at this time. If someone is actually capable of the task and wishes to implement some changes, I'll happily sponsor an adequate VPS for a non-public RAMBLE dev site.

Definitely a lot of unmet potential here. I'd like to keep the site more geared privacy and technology, but have it still be a source of news and discussion, even if it's controversial.


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I haven't forgotten about this place, though I do have regret that my focus being temporarily shifted elsewhere has negatively impacted RAMBLE. I've got a lot going on both in terms of my career and personal life.

I'm going to try to manage and balance my time better. I'd like to shift things back into gear here.

/u/raincoat , thanks for this post. Glad to see it.


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I will. This place was more active towards it's beginning, but I became unavailable due to work / life for a long enough period that things got abused here, I had to turn off registration, and several months later it was still closed.

I'm in a position where I'm more available and motivated now, so thinking a reboot will be a good move.


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I have Throat installed (kind of) on a dev server, but I'm not confident in it just yet. There isn't really any documentation and the only other site that I know using it that isn't the official one is poal.


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I'm responding to this from ramble.i2p right now, are you still experiencing this?

What I2P subscription lists are you using in ?

For example, mine looks like:


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It's been a very long time, but back in my day they always were similar to weed prices.

And that's a very regional thing that will vary greatly.