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VOCALOID (often referred to as just "V1" or "VOCALOID1" in VOCALOID communities) is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the YAMAHA Corporation.

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talk about anime and manga privately! show how degenerate you are

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This is a place where you can share, discuss and talk about the songs, albums and artists you listen to.

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Just regular ol' memes. For NSFW memes, try /f/NSFWmemes

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All about concealed carry, target practice, home defense or just because it's your right. Get a gun!

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General forum for crypto currency discussions. News about markets and legislation as well as place for newbs to learn more about crypto.

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A forum for video games and those who play them.

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Discussion and topics about recreational drugs, laws, clinical trials, harm reduction and more.

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A forum for marketplaces, news, information and discussions. Advertising your products is not allowed, so please don't do it ad your posts will be deleted.

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