Wahaha wrote

The entire point of decentralization is to make exactly this impossible. The promise is that no one even has the ability to memory hole anything.

The right to be forgotten isn't granted in the centralized world, either. On a technical level, all that happens is that what you posted gets hidden. Easily retrievable ten years down the line, if someone with access wanted to. The reasons for that are legal in nature, as far as I know. So if it's a small site without a bunch of lawyers in the background, you might have a chance to get your stuff actually deleted. Especially if the one who operates it likes the concept of privacy. But as a user, you have no way to verify either way.

Since decentralization redistributes power from a single source to everyone, in a decentralized network everyone has that ability. Of course, everyone would first have to agree on hiding the content in the first place.

I don't really get why people want this "right" anyway. It doesn't exist in real life. All your records are kept and all the people involved will remember. Imagine if Donald Trump would say "guys, I really want to be forgotten online, please delete everything mentioning my name". That would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?


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Short answer, no. WebP is a mixed bag. Might be better or might be worse. No compelling reason to make a switch, yet, unless faced with very specific scenarios.