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I will remember to add , but some claim it is a brigading stalking forum of sorts. (drama) , but it is allegedly Free Speech and thus should be listed. seems focused sometimes on discussing drama on kiwifarms, such as in this long thread:

Registration was open yesterday, and might still be, if i have time I'll check out kiwifarms


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100% correct about :

others might see a url like as just a series of randomly picked letters and not be able to remember it. is better and in my mind memorized and pronounceable in phone calls to others if need be

I WISH THIS SITE WAS BIGGER but also same IQ level as it has now

Gigantic free speech upvote-topic forums like suffer by being invaded by paid Leftist shills meant to slow its growth, and now invaded by countless Fed agents to "reduce White Free Speech radicalization social forums"


That site is DESIRED DEAD by leftist Jews : (JIDF/ MOSSAD/ ADL/ SPLC/ ShareBlue)

One wants an accidental honeypot working, the other jews listed desire all Whites fragmented and disenchanted on any site offering news.

Nearly 20% there this month, by comment action, in June 2022 are JIDF/ MOSSAD/ ADL/ SPLC/ ShareBlue/ CIA/ NSA/ NRO/ FBI/ DIA/ USDOJ/ USSS/ State Dept INR/ USAFISR/ ATF/ DOE/ DHS/ TFI/ ONSI/ DGB/ NSF/ USPS etc !

One user minimum from EACH of the above. NSF Too? Yes, $ millions even for NSF to surf :

USPS too? Yes not just millions for NSF, but even the USPS monitors White Hate on social sites to allow access of FBI/NSA databases:

DHS DGB? New May 2022 US gov funded group with FBI and NSA data access to combat online Free Speech Racist 'Jew Naming' DHS's DGB - Disinformation Governance Bureau !

All I said above is true.

And now 9 months ago another agency on US Soil, 30 paid Jew shills looking for "Jew Hate" using US Gov DHS funding , and logging into our site :

September 27, 2021 : Jews Open well funded 24/7 Nationwide Antisemitism™ Command Center To Monitor 'Jew Hate'™ On American web sites ! Funded by US DHS and Jews from 'Secure Community Network'. :

= = =

As many keep stating : Free Speech "hate thought" sites like that one, are highly infested (and rising) by no less than millions of dollars a month, funded almost 100% by Jews , from these seven primary groups :

Those seven are proven. Paid leftist Democrats infest free speech sites.

Paid Leftist contractors infest that site for being "Free Speech hate thought"!

Paid Leftist contractors drop in a few percent of innocuous ((())) remarks to blend in and subvert better.

Paid Leftist contractors drop in NatSoc imagery posts to blend in and subvert better.

= = = =

Billions of dollars are used to combat conservatives online. 18 billion MORE added to open all formerly White nations by just ONE of many jewish billionaires that Fund "ShareBlue" army of contractors.

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Foundation:

George Soros transfers $18 billion to his liberal philanthropic foundation:

billions to subvert USA (read up on 100 jewish leftist political organizations his money funds). Millions of it is used specifically to attack free speech web sites, and is proven.

ShareBlue paid jew leftists are real. ShareBlue (funded by jew billionaires) changes its name every couple years, : Blue Nation Review , ShareBlue media, American Independent, True Blue Media.

They infest all sites where White people might congregate :


Read all of that link :

That well funded group is what took over "The_Donald" ( a second time.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

2021 : Another leftist group!
Dr Stephane Baele runs ANOTHER startup of Leftists are aggressively trying to Subvert 4Chan and The_Donald ( as they boast in this 2021 paper on using gibberish attacks :

OMG! THEY BRAG that they invade, like the other Jewish orgs do!

= = = =

See a theme? Its paid Leftists and Feds united to destroy and slow down any Free Speech social forums in 2022.

= = =


I Love this site and wish it had more content but you should be honored that that the real TallestSkil checks in now and then, a free speech advocate from from 7.9 YEARS AGO on many social forums, and myself, a similar Free Speech motivated advocate, but with no normal steady online name or specific primary persona.

TRUE FREE SPEECH ADVOCATES hope to thrive, and If you want, I could shill for it more , and my shilling brought TallestSkil once, but my shill posts on other social sites get admin deleted. If I list the following, the list gets shoahed on ( aka ) shoahed! : (legible nondeletable 4chan!) (current 2020 8Chan, tor onion link : jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion) (pol news, q news) (never censors legal speech) (a free speech site) (a new free speech site) (Pol) ( / use to relocate it after a shoah [http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/] (emergency tor onion for dailystormer) [server down Oct 2020, up again] (popular but censors speech often : (small and new) (2020 8Chan Q stuff, more legible) (also called , New Feb 26th 2021 Voat clone, infested with paid Jew shills) (great! based and awesome younger crowd) (tiny new 2022) (claims to be free speech, CENSORS most discussions of jews, race IQ, etc) (Q related) (claims to never censor facts nor violent thoughts) (deleted Patrick Little and lied, deletes legal speech) (censors, but not as bad as reddit) (censors, but not as bad as reddit) (tame conservative memes) (new, censors jew naming) (new, might soon censor jew naming) (no anonymous browsing) (no anonymous browsing)

I avoided listing about 8 good actual real White Power or NatSoc sites, not because some are honeypots, but because they are fed infested and used as de facto honeypots to trick young males under age 22 into annual fed "perp walks" in front of news cameras. The younger people are unaware of psyop tactics used by feds.

= = =

Anyways, as you can see, there are VERY VERY VERY few web sites that allow real uncensored discussion of COVID-19 vaccine papers, DNA IQ of Africans, Geopolitical frauds, Holocaust facts, crime demographics papers, etc. It would be great to see rise up to the status of a major free speech site if it can withstand relentless attacks by paid Leftist shills.

For now, at least it has vocaloid news and privacy tech news, and cerebral topics.

TL/DR: Not enough White Terrorists exist on the Internet, so the Feds have to fabricate them


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Its worse, and you are right, as always, because on ConPro hours ago a NEW Feb 2022 WebP zero day unpatched on 60% of all Apple users showed up :

So the new owners of (formerly .win) are now exhibiting their funding links more and their glowie tendencies on ConPro links march 21 2022.

This is all so tiring.