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I can tell you are not an engineer AND that you did NOT watch that video that 700,000 people watched.

Systemd won, and all linux switching to it.

Only low IQ fools tried to stop its complete take over.

I do not need to look at your links, because all the operating systems and all the educated people sanely switched over.

WATCH THE GODDAMNED VIDEO i linked to. watch it all.


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systemd is eventually going to be all 100% of serious linux unix mac (partly in concept) osses

Good tips for a systemd-less OS?

Even your arch linux added systemd in 2012 nine years ago , and its default :

systemd was correctly promoted then spread to many osses for 100 great technical reasons.

WATCH every minute of this extremely famous video on systemd (speed it up to 1.25% if you want faster pacing) :

47 minutes of truth bombs from

systemd is AWESOME and the future

Already it took over most operating systems. Proof:

Arch Linux - October 2012 switched to Systemd
CentOS - July 2014 switched to Systemd
CoreOS - October 2013 switched to Systemd
Debian - April 2015 switched to Systemd
Fedora - May 2011 switched to Systemd
Linux Mint - June 2016 (v18.0) switched to Systemd
Mageia - May 2012 switched to Systemd
Manjaro Linux - Nov 2013 switched to Systemd
openSUSE - September 2012 switched to Systemd
Red Hat Enterprise Linux - June 2014 (v7.0) switched to Systemd
Solus switched to Systemd
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - October 2014 switched to Systemd
Ubuntu - April 2013 (v13.04) soon mandatory

Anyone that is not happy with the future of OSses and faster booting and hates systemd typically is uneducated on systemd and never watched this 700,000 view youtube video.

anti systemd people in 2021 are laughed at behind their backs by skilled engineers and people who watched ALL of that video :

2012 short pamphlet : Arch Linux Environment set-up How-To

2009 167 pages : Arch Linux Handbook: A Simple, Lightweight Linux Handbook

neither are modern arch info, so i guess you need to use online stuff


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Demos and trials in youtube videos of latency, speed, and cost for north america almost made me want to try starlink too!!!! I have have multiple hardwired and cell paths already!

Did you see how fast starlink is? watch the linus tech tip demo or other demos.


If you are in a mountain valley, the ONLY radio you can use to get on internet is UPWARD not low angle, and a that latitude washington state needs starlink in valleys

in kentucky and tennesee , I predict they will also pick up a shitload of users by word of mouth. hard to even get fast cell packets

my only complaint about some of these satellite systems is the ACK before a packet arrives in some designs being sent for a packet that never technically arrived, but optical long haul networks between nations do that too.. allowing for photons to be in transit across an ocean up to 15 fake ACKS ahead.

I say its retarded because an ACK should be an ACK not a expectation based on traffic flow.

But in the year 2000 it was noted :

10,000 miles away with 80 msec latency and 160 msec roundtrip time. At 1Gb speed, there are 8MB of data on route to a destination in 80 msec before the destination even has a chance to send its very first ACK back

8 megabytes of photons trapped in the cable, even if zero hops. This is the same problem with satellites... but in this starlink its 130 megabytes in transit before the first ACK... so the greasy fuckers hack all the TCPIP streaming window protocols to pre-ACK. and ACK packets that have not really ever arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

in most protocols its up to 15 packets, but I bet this starlink has more generous hacks. It also means that ping tests need to be cryptographic computational twoway handshakes then divided by two , to get real latency.

The video link I gave shows overhead satellites giving 27 millisecond latency for gamers... I assume its legit. but


Of course, it need not be said, that SLIDING WINDOWS allow for zero ( 0 , none nada zilch) fake ACKS in any network, and back off when a router buffer overflows enroute

i just think that its amusing that so many deviant hacks to subvert TCPIP windows exists.


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apple does it too, i believe, but informs via a os call if a ARP-MAC path hosts a doppelganger IP on a second MAC address, though not an error, because a machine can use more than one MAC over time to support one IP address

WINDOWS programs are far far worse for man in the middle attacks than other osses and weakened because calling in most tools allows man in middle downgrades to http (not https) for example due to trusting faked DNS trampoline chains. This can be seen in most all laptop cellphone cards (technically modem dongles) for windows, but never on mac implementations of same products.

multipath FAILOVER is another reason linux and apple allow OS to merely note these suspicious events, rather than block doppelgangers :

failover and multipathing originated on laser optical Fibre Channel and copper iSCSI originally, but now failover encompasses multiNIC world and SANS :

Understanding Multipathing and Failover:

Multipathing is retarded in my opinion and pairs packets across two typologies and switches, but if going to two different SANS with two different powersupplies in two buildings and using RAID-0 and a hack... it is amusing to me. apples original top end SANS had multiple cables, multiple power cords, and multiple powersupplies and RAIDED 5-0 (five Oh) of 14 drives into two 7 drive clusters and multipathed for speed, but could run with 7 drives on one side of rack pulled or dead from powerout on half of that single rack. That was wehn apple bent over backward to appeal to fucktard IT losers with amazing technology... but the fucktards still bought slower cheaper stuff from dell.

so secure topologies are a mixed bag and may depend on if a device is used for certain wifi setup protocols, or a "WIRELESS PIN SETUP CODE". wifi printers use a "timeout grant" "easy passcode" setup mode to create a crypto handshake to a router... for example. I could see how that printer would NOT at all like a MAC to change between it and some other point, if printer was using "WIRELESS PIN SETUP CODE" mode, meant for small "internet of Things" devices.

so windows is sometimes less secure than linux or mac, not more secure


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Reply to comment by spc50 in I want a Computer that I Own by HMTg927

buy a System76 model

until you can buy System76 model in cash on foot at a big store with face coverred... you will be put on a "suspicious person" list, I predict, if shipped to you, or bought using credit card.

WORSE: System76 REFUSES TO ACCECPT cryptocurrency at any price at any markup EVER. Bitcoin banned by System76 and its because FBI/NSA/CIA wants to know all owners of Syystem76 machines. Petitions for bitcoin do no good for 7 straight years :

They wont accept cash in Denver Colorado if you tried to buy it in person somehow, but saslemen allow anything at big companies so i bet if you looked like you might want to buy lots in the future a salesguy you meet up with will probably setup a cash purchase of an initial machine. Salesguys in silicon valley even do SWAPS between companies for barters. Salesguys just like to make deals in general.

Lots of ways to get business cards of head sales guys of system76 :


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I used one for a few years, but you need to go into airplane mode and not forget, or your battery drains VERY FAST from it searching for antennaes. You also need to turn off wifi (various bands) and turn off bluetooth (2.45GHz band) or your faraday mesh will eat up your battery.

MOS Equipment "Mission Darkness" MDFB-S-NW 4 ounce model from Amazon is "good enough" , but does not block microphones, and costs only 23 dollars :

23 dollars :
https://www.ama<<REMOVE THIS>>

You also need to roll it into a little acoustic BALLISTICS foam if you do not have a portable piezo (non digital) white nose generator adjacent to a iphone.

iphones have 4 (yes 4) hidden microphones in them, four. four fucking hidden mics one is siri dedicated, two are system stereo human voice isolating to cleverly earse background noise, the 4th is a secret nsa/apple mystery mic.

countless ultrasonic and sonic sound proof foam sheets exist to wrap your phone in if it is on your body or glove box :

I use neither of those brands but they would work.

I use far more expensive stuff meant for usage for mil-spec.

AIRPLANE MODE fake on iPhone in spy OS from apple : iOS 11.1 from apple SECRETLY TURNS ON WIFI AND USES WIFI when in AIRPLANE MODE!

Refer to this alarmed post :

Apple engineers stated in that post that the antennae are all periodically enabled ON PURPOSE against your will, when you try to turn off antennas using Airplane mode.

so on iphone/android you need to manually turn off bluetooth and also manually turn off wifi and third ... manually turn off cell antennaes. they love to spy.

Fun fact I proved : airplane mode does not create a true OS state unless in airplane mode for over 60 seconds, but that is not the link I shared above.


all phones , android and apple, convert voice to text and then send a buffer of last 2 hours of whispered text in vacinity of phone upstream as text once airplane mode is flipped off and cell back up. ALL PHONES do this and is easy to prove using ampmeters attached to battery packs. They do not do this at all if battery level drops to 21 to 22% though. They only seem to do it guaranteed if phone being jostled and walking or driving around prior to lying still. humans conversing (a exotic live cable tv news channel also works for testing). prerecorded might be whitelisted (technically blacklisted). the big arbitron radio markets and big tv channels might be also be ignore by cell devices , but NOT possible if in airplane mode and then the battery drain is astouding to watch using older android and older iphones. 25% of battery drained PER HOUR if converting your spied on conversations to text for later upload.


you can avoid acoustic foam if merely trying to make white noise one inch from your resting phone :

If at home, and phone connected to cell or wifi for incoming calls, you can add a random noise ANALOG circuit full spectrum white nose generator and you can modify circuits to cut off ultrasonic above 28Khz to not make your cat/hamster/dog hate entering your kitchens.

hundreds of designs, avoid digital storage 8 dollar loops from amazon. demand 100% analog style, no DAC from prerecorded loops.

hundreds of designs to stop spooks from listening to people in your kitchen if your LG dishwasher mic, your LG washing machine mic not nearby, or your microphone internet refrigerator not connected to wifi password of you or neighbors house, (they use zigbee path to your AC power meter though for NSA level taps). Your tvs all have mics and use your roku or firesticks to hop ride onto internet.

If you have alexa or siri in your house , you are just a fucktard and can ignore this entire post


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In 2021 the answer is NO because the public is not allowed to review all lines of source code and all workalike-fpga code to fabbed open source cpus like RISC-V project.

RISC-V projects in 2021 , meant for desktop use, for sale omit any right to :

  • examine source code of USB controller chip, let alone logic gate to the USB chip (keyloggers?)

  • examine source code of SATA controller chip, let alone logic gate code to the SATA chip

  • examine all bytes of a GPU graphics driver source code and prove it can built to match MD5 hash of existing blob binaries, less internal date stamp ranges.

  • examine source code of DMA engines, PCI bus controllers, memory module cache controllers, controller chip, let alone code to workalike-fpga code of all those... basically a open source RISC-V is a tiny card with a huge non-open-source daughter card, already infiltrated by various NSA teams.

This includes whitepaper pushing, handwaving "Silex Insight who only wants to protect fabbed boards from chines spy chip insertion on boards hidden as subcomponents, by introducing crypto handshakes to PROPRIETARY CLOSED SOURCE controllers for USB and SATA. Their solution? store only encrypted blocks on storage and use chinese/nsa/russian/NSA/mossad SATA chips... and use a different SALT for encryption on each machine. They want you to use NSA hacked SATA and USB chips in 2021.

Basically... RISC-V is a total dumpster fire until they rise $500,000 dollars for a couple engineers to create a OPEN SOURCE sata chip and OPEN SOURCE usb chip

FUCK RISC-V and its infected rooted support chips

THE ONLY PRIVATE COMPUTERS LACKING BUILT IN BACKDOORS are those built more than 14 years ago, and they are only secure if you keep them physically locked up when you are away, and do not use them to surf internet.

AMD has equivalent to ME and for safer Intel...
System76 company can only turn off 2 of the three built in Minix OS backdoor hypervisors running on all Intel chips, but System76 do sell semi-castrated intel, but that still leaves countless other spy chips. And if you have a Super Micro Computer Inc motherboard (likely), then it has high chance of spy chips on it tapping into JTAG and equivalent bus probe debug techs :

For years, U.S. investigators found tampering in products made by Super Micro Computer Inc. The company says it was never told:


In 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense found thousands of its computer servers sending military network data to China—the result of code hidden in chips that handled the machines’ startup process

NOTE: the machines are rooted at boot in PCI space, and walk around your inserted primary interrupt levels shrouding code if machine debugging. BOOT TIME is the main target, and of course all AMD and INTEL cpus the last 10 years are loaded with similar mystery boot time code inside the fucking cpus and support ships. PowerPC from apple was used by military heavily in 2010 and earlier, but now only used on subs in navy for specialty purposes.

IF YOU DIG INTO RISC-V , you will find that all vendors sell CLOSED SOURCE SATA and CLOSED SOURCE USB support ships

Luckily there is a lot of people working on open source FPGA SIMD GPUS and shader source, but they all if sold might step on NVIDIA patents. Not all 2021 open source FPGA SIMD GPUS are yet listed here :

TCPIP scsi boot (iSCSI)?:

All linux since 2012 supports booting over TCPIP conencted to a SCSI device on other end of TCPIP cable.

RISC-V could use a TCPIP scsi boot in linux via risc-V ethernet chip or serial chip connected to a raspberry pi simulating a scsi controller hooked to a large legacy SCIS storage device, then connected to a SCSI to SATA 25 dollar adapter..... There are also hand made fully open source SCSI controllers using 26 gpio pins in parallel at over 1.5 million gate flips a second and a daughter card to convert 3.3 volts to 5.0 volts, that are run from raspberry pi, and this month it works POST BOOT on all apple and commodore machines, but pre boot, they have bugs because they dont know how to properly code SCSI protocols and rules and also dont know how 1984 macs throw away bus clocks on the first SCIS boot sector to allow a 4096 byte block to be read in 512 byte payloads and vis versa. They dont care about booting, but people wiht real 1984 hardware do, and they can get it fixed in a day using people like me and a SCSI probe made using another bus device, including a second raspberry pi setup. I am digressing. I am just pointing out that following this link, a RISC-V vendor could sell a raspberry i, with a 3.3 volt to 5 volt 25 dollar riser card and open source and some simple code on both ends and a SCSI to SATA adapter to connect either scsi or sata to a raspberry pi and trampoline all i/o across a short TCPIP cable to allow bootup, but would soon have to port the code aeay from CLOSED SOURCE raspberry i, and use a open source arm board that copies most of closed source raspberry pi 4. (even the camera on a raspberry pi is fully closed source in 2021).
RaSCSI (and its various forks) :

soon we will have risc-v with video, but still lack safe way to use mouse or keyboard, or safe way to connect sata or usb storage. RISC-V has wasted 10 full years with no viable products for desktop. 10 fucking years down the toilet because engineers like me are hard to hire and find. And yes.. I have made multiple storage controllers, and raid controller cards, and all sorts of storage chip drivers for many companies... but whatever. I would not work on risc-v unless I trusted the path from my keyboard to the development machine, so USB needs to come first. At least you can mount a USB "Storage class" device on USB. In fact I created and wrote the code for the first 16 megabyte sized usb storage flash device, when 16 megabytes was huge.

USB and SATA for risc v as open source can be developed with open source fpga simultaneously, but I would refuse to accept a job to work on one if NSA code was still hiding in the other path.



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Apple in 2021 now in Big Sur tries hard to prevent me from compiling kernel extensions for others that are a hardware layer sata controller man in the middle... almost all drivers are USER LAND code on mac and windows, and if not , you need to have SIGNED CODE identified to you and a usa mailing address.

Miocrosoft started this "signed authorized kernel code" stuff over 20 years ago, only mailing a Windows DDK CD (for drivr writing) to a known USA mailbox address. Now in 2021 the biggest fear Apple and Google and Microsoft have are people like me who wrote man-in-the-middle tools for VIDEO CARDS, VIDEO COMPRESSION paths, AUDIO CODEC interceptors at chip level, network chip monitors, GPU library intercept shims, SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, USB and SATA man-in-the-middle tools.

Its trivial on windows and mac, if your code is authorized to load, you specify that the machine MUST use your code to service the vendor ID of all the above mentioned devices, and your code merely passes through all data on behalf of normal tools, but SWAPS bytes and such of monitored data.

The methods will never go away, but to protect DRM porn videos... all companies claim I am the evil bad man. My code to intercept data and simulate devices or DOWNGRADE DEVICES by falsely stating lack of crypto, are all somehow evil, and I am evil for making it harder to sell DRM protected porn videos on web sites.

Oh well.

All I know is that the latest crap from astounding M1 chip on macs now makes me have no access to even debuggers for kernel , or even DTRACE (DTRACE was only on unix and Apple, but now even Windows has DTRACE).

DTRACE itself is an enemy of DRM, so programming is also an enemy of DRM.

Commercial public Debuggers being loaded on mac stopped only DVD and BluRay playback in the past (same as windows), but now debuggers BAN ABILITY to run a single iOS app on a M1 desktop/laptop.

iOS is still not liberated and cloned in a VM by hackers, and the machine will not even load it into protected ram if a debugger is running. This month apple is also trying to stop existing m1 macs from running legacy iOS apps at all!!!!!! no more iOS VM soon!!! YOu dont know this, by M1 macs can run the actual real genuine iOS OS and genuine real IOS apps, but you have to side load them from a signed device to your cloud and back to your M1 mac and resign them. Lots of youtube videos exist. Apple realizes people like me might want to make it a permanent , easy, and simple thing to do, so Apple just wants to stop that whole experiment.

I am on a tangent.

If i shared code, it would have to be personally be compiled PER USER PER MACHINE. Apple now no longer lets you compile drivers for machines on a desk unless signed, only on the machine that compiled them.

Apple is turning their computers into DRM content delivery platforms tied to credit cards and cell phones.

You are just supposed to CONSUME, pay for app games and buy digital smurfberries for your apps, and pay for DRM protected porn in this new dystopian tech hell hole.

no more personal computing.


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You see advertisers use other domains for a REASON.... accurate tabulation of passive ads drawn and seen, and also clicks.

Using hashed and cached data is no different than hosting a lot of slop from a specific single domain... and is NOT what the multibillion dollar advertising industry wants.

I agree that obfuscated javascript ad-orient architectures will be soon delivered on IPFS and such, but famous top200 web sites will always have 3rd party ad blocker tech annoy them.... always.

I am scared that loss of specific url and domain control makes it more of a wild west though


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GREAT revelation!

A Driver I wrote for SATA long ago, reported a bogus but unique serial derived from the real serial and then reported that lie to OS. I guess its time to do that again, but rather collapse the hash to 24 bits of unique and 8 bits more from hard drive format date/time

the 32 bits would be safe enough to be unique and non colliding


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Brave Browser Was Exposing Addresses in Tor Mode for Months:

What about .Zil?

I PREDICT IT HAS AN EXACT SIMILAR and just as scary leak out to DNS of addresses that use .zil secure private psuedo-TLD!

.zil leaks to DNS of ISP?

Blockchain Domain Names, No Renewal Fees, Ever. your name record on a Zilliqa BLOCKCHAIN revocable only by you, and auto converted to full URL of your preference via a small open source addon to all main browsers, that resolves .zil addresses

for example

ramble.zil might map to

but this buggy brave browser might accidentally , if broswer extension missing or turned off, REVEAL TO FEDS that you tied to go to "ramble.zil" because the same fuctards sending onion urls to DNS leaking your actions to feds, will now also send any clicked links that go to a.zil address to try and resolve a .zil at your ISPs DNS


Feb 8 2021 : How to resolve .zil domain names :

Sites for privacy will all soon offer an alternative url using a .zil to redirect to CURRENT preferred net address... even if a raw IP and port on a anti-DDOS service site.

.zil is the future of free speech and unstoppable domains, and i bet brave bug merely hard compares the word ".onion" and will now leak ".zil", just like the bug a few days ago.

fucktard coding.

PD. Also rambler :

read that last tutorial link and actually create a record you control for for "ramble.zil" before the ADL or SPLC subverts you and makes one first.


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Probably only a little deal because 11.0.1 stopped shipping long ago and LOTS of patchess since 11.0.1 :

See? Current is 11.2.1, not 11.0.1, as per Apple

And many updates between.

If you bought a M1 computer 2 weeks ago it is shipped from China with OS : 11.1 (not 11.0.1) and Also 2 weeks ago firmware version is "6723.61.3". Also if you plugged in that computer, it tries , if you let it, to immediately install a giant new OS update. The update removes ability to run old sideloaded iPhone apps on m1 macs, so some might stick with 11.1 (not 11.0.1) for a while before letting apple force 11.2.1

THOSE HACKS IN THAT LINK might not have value, if they only work on 11.0.1 version of older OS


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Reply to comment by div1337 in Why are normies like that? by Wahaha

Apple has a falwless securty record on contents of your iPhone.

They enhance that part every year, annoying FBI. Read all the court battles in the news of FBI vs Apple regarding getting into iPhones and getting into iCloud

In fact , they even now in 2021 suddenly map EVERY attempt to have google "safe browsing" go through a single apple proxy that uses a second layer of obfuscation and hash on that to make no ones browsing ever trackable by Google.


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Reply to comment by boobs in Why are normies like that? by Wahaha

you are probably right :apple now has spy circuits built into their chips for audio to text, and circuits to do face identification built into chip, and this month apple big sur OS on m1 macs is VERY HARD to run older unsigned code and very very hard to turn off "SIP" elements to modify kernel files, or even use a debugger, and if you do turn off SIP, you must perform an action from the spy software inside the m1 mac that makes machine never load the new iOS compatibility engine code.

apple iCloud might be safe from FBI, but soon Apple china will maybe own all of you.


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Fappening did NOT BREAK apples 100% perfect cloud cryptography, it brute guessed famous peoples phones via their phone numbers to start, plus a dictionary attack.

Not even APPLE EMPLOYEES or ENGINEERS can ever ever EVER see your private photos stored in Apple's Cloud for iOS, without a password.

This was proven in federal court cases by FBI.

The reason is simple a password, or access to cypto hardware key on Phone are needed.

The Fappening of Apple was because the REMOTE login to Apple icloud allowed thousands of guesses per second per IP, instead of one guess per second, and all the so-called hacked people had 5 digit or 5 letter or less passwords and a simple dictionary attack was used.

The Fappening can happen again, but not a risk from apple engineers, it requires a person to store entire phone backup as a giant dmg on icloud (like before) and request a full restore to a new ios device or virtual device (like before in first Fappening)... but also still a PASSWORD or access to original hardware, but now the password is barely once per second with a cuttoff per day of XXX guesses.

Apple iCloud is the most secure cloud in the History of Technology!

That said, I do not nor ever have used Apples iCloud and rip iCloud out forcefully out of laptops to prevent accidental app usage. If you open a word processor document, and paste a bitcoin wallet password momentarily in a open text window WITHOUT SAVING, the 2021 macs will shadow copy it in case power goes out, to a fucking goddamned evil iCloud unless you rip out this so-called MOSSAD feature.

Apple iCloud has never been hacked and is 256 bit unhackable and always has been. 128 bit for most other nations of Apple iCloud... no comment for Chinese Apple iCloud.


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Reply to comment by spc50 in privacy conscious VPS? by burnerben

forget cloud, forget VPS. Always rent a discrete private little server on a rack, with a dedicated IP, with all of machine for your use, and test to make sure you are not "virtualized" and being lied to using low level tools.

this just happened this week with OpenVZ template for Debian 10 - and from the official source allegedly - meaning many providers were backdoored).

TRUE! shocking and true !

Vulnerability in Plesk SolusVM Debian 10 template - "debianuser" backdoor/default user:

From that :

Please check your servers for a debianuser user. If so, you're probably best off wiping the whole thing and restoring from backups.

Thousands of VPNs now hacked by the NSA paying a engineer cash to make a "mistake" in Plesk SolusVM Debian 10

Other hacks harder to find than that though. That was comically easy to explain away as a mistake.

Apples' subverted SSL source code is far more evil nation-state sabotage of code by the NSA paying apple engineer to delete a couple key lines of source code.


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Reply to comment by spc50 in privacy conscious VPS? by burnerben

The spying I am discussing is

  • the bluetooth probe of nearby devices deep in firmware
  • the Wifi antennae name probe of nearby wifi devices deep in firmware
  • the Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) of your location within 15 feet, to locate video cameras the next day.
  • the microphone transcribing speech to text legally without court order and streaming text of all people whispering near your phone
  • the remote spy query of all urls you might have used that phone for, and list of cookies , but only a fool uses a burner phone for anything except feeding it money (required to go online on alcatel to do this and other burners)

A burner phone should always be used for one single purpose , for one or two sites maximum. One being google mail setup, not google mail use.
If feeling adventurous... you might use the voicemail feature of your burner phone to reveal your phone number to your colocation host of your server, after all, you already gave them the google email tied to that burner anyways. use different burner for domain registrations. use different email too.

google requires a SMS every 90 days from suspicious people.

Some say I am suspicious.


smartypants wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by Rambler in privacy conscious VPS? by burnerben

Rambler made a lot of good points, here are more.

Best bet is ignore VPS, and is a colocation site and a rented device, allowing a real HTTPS SSL domain cert to a specific IP, then protect from DDOS using a service. It mainly prevents your RAM from being probed by other OSes on a machine: 8 different cpu chip exploits in 3 years allowed ram reading on shared servers.

Use a colocation rack host in .ru or use one that is used by some of the following :

use two colocation locations by two providers, that way if one is taken down, your site can continue until you find yet another backup alternative colocation site that rents cheap machines

To get a colocation site, you need a google mail sometimes, not a "garbage email", but to get a google email you must have a SMS burner cell phone purchased in cash and maintained for 6 dollars a month with 90 day pre pay cards.

You use the SMS not just for gmail, but to activate the zipcode field of the new fucked up VISA Vanilla 100 dollar and 50 and 25 dollar gift cards that in May 2020 started banning setting a zip code on the card without a SMS text to an american domiciled A-GPS located cell phone. You can skip the zipcode setting if using a visa gift for for now. Buy gift cards in cash at small convenience stores far from home using a covered up face of a buddy , walking to store the last 300 feet. Your buddy will have a different "walking gait" than you in forensic stored videos.

never ever travel in a car with burner near another turned on cell, never charge it ever at your home, only use it to feed money into, via 90 day refill cards) 15 miles from your home... most will never work more than 15 miles from point of purchase for feeding money (I mapped out a circular pattern on my most recent burner) . use the burner to respond to 5 minute timeout SMS, while sitting in car at mcdonalds not near you using wifi after making a cash burger purchase. mcdonalds wifi in many areas allows VPN connections, some block all https in 2016 but no longer in might have to use a VPN tunneling app, but most real VPNs allow app-less raw true VPN setup using scripts or field entry. Never visit the same mcdonalds twice. You must make one phone call on a burner cell once per 90 days of the cell will die and you lose all your effort. Just call a information service line , listen for at least 10 seconds and hang up... once per 90 days... far from home... when feeding it a card. Sometimes you need to wait for money to appear over an hour, and some phones auto self "update" with spy software if left on more than 4 hours. Turn phone off immediately if not making a call, or waiting for a 5 minute delay SMS, or if waiting for new funds to appear on burner phone... KEEP IT OFF!!! Turning it on too long starts a mammoth remote series of Google Android complete firmware/OS/baseband updates to downgrade your phone/spydevice. NEVER USE the burner except to keep gmail alive, and to allow storage of phone VOICEMAILS. Sites that want a phone number get your burner number, and use a buddies voice to record a non-suspicious "leave a message for XXXX" greeting on your phone.

Absolute true fact : NO BURNER NEEDED and NO ZIPCODE NEEDED for 2021 and 2020 purchases of EXRPESSVPN. NO VISA ZIP CODE FIELD NEEDED for EXRPRESSVPN via VISA gift 100 dollar prepay, the best and most private and fastest VPN there is :

I use three VPNs and I recommend that one for all stages of setting up your colocation server and domain registration.

Paypal will bounce a visa gift card funding if you use it to create a colocation payment in usa or a VOIP phone account in USA... paypay lets it go through, but them later via FBI policy rescinds it and cancels it on the VOIP or Colo host in 2021 and 2020. This is why yu cannot use paypal, even with a working burner phone and a working google mail.

Bitcoin is traceable and makes you look suspicious. Monero is not traceable but no one takes that.

WARNING!!! Sometimes a colocation large facility will pull just your machine for 18 minutes and image its storage device, looking for who knows what, and then lie about why just your machine had power pulled for 18 minutes! This happens to me even if I rent colocation in large BANKING FACILITIES!!!! (I usually rent space in buildings where multinational banks house their machines on all coasts) Somehow the most corrupt and shady colocation farms are the ones that house international bank computers.

Fortune 500 firms and banks avoid this by renting entire "locked cages", and requiring armed guards to babysit their field contractors when unlocking a locked cage. I only rent racks not cages of racks, so I sadly get my machines imaged by spooks. Storing your entire OS encrypted helps a bit. Renting a cage is actually not too expensive, but looks silly if you only use two racks in a whole height locked cage. Apple and other companies make/made servers that wipe all RAM if someone tries to cut a hole into a server lid to attach a bus probe vampire tap to a SATA or NVMe line, then shut down. In 2021, you would merely place two foreward and rearward facing cheap web cams, looking for frame-difference video movement, and a vibration sensor on a usb line, together as a logical sequence, to force a mayday outbound and a forced double-bus-fault instant reboot. Nothing in OSX/Linux/Windows can stop a double-bus-fault instant reboot. It cannot be delayed even one microsecond. The spooks pull your TCP/IP switch a minute prior to tampering with your machine, always, so you need a once every two minute special ping to a external watchdog service that sends you SMS/Email on the infiltrated machines behalf if not seen for XX minutes. I choose 5 minutes, with https two way non-faked payloads every 2 minutes, some colofacilities go 18 months between anomalies (chicago, germany, los angeles, but others drop every 6 months for entire multibackbone failures : UK, Atlanta, New York) No colocation goes over 18 months without a packet total drop, even if they all claim 2 weeks of autonomus zombie apocalypse diesel fuel. The root cause? ALWAYS A MINORITY HIRE IT VP. A Negro (atlanta, new york) or a muslim half wit (UK). The root cause of triple backbone failures at a massive building of thousands of machines is always a nigger minority hire. I spend a whole day researching after a city blackout to confirm. It is no consequence to me other than me having to re-image my machines for paranoia, because I have machines in 7 countries, and one retarded negro vice president of IT at a massive firm fucking up cannot make me suffer from Niggertopia.


NAME? ADDRESS? use zaba search for a legit address and legit name of a generic famous last name 20 miles from you (, choose an apartment dweller. In USA case law, unless you are using a name for FRAUD of any form, it is not illegal yet in most states to misrepresent your identity. It it not illegal. visa gift cards goes through using ANY NAME YOU TYPE on any site. In the years prior to 2016 you had to type GIFT CARD RECIPIENT but no longer.


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I kind of meant not to run any browser or if so avoid javascript. but... Lynx?

for safety, Lynx doesn't support Javascript, but many web sites, including dark net ones, idiotically require javascript.


Lynx and elinks does not support JavaScript, but Links does: sudo apt-get install links then to compile Links with JavaScript support, use the configure option --enable-javascript ... etc

I would avoid the javascript entirely if possible, or use a remote proxy doing all the javascript and rerendering back through tor to your location


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Thank you!!!!!!

This is quite brazen of them.

Some of it might be laziness of checking out mods to chrome source they depend on, rather than their possibly obfuscated source alterations.

No way to tell probably without compiling or downloading chromium yourself and confirming what they try to patch over :

And now I think you are on to a money avenue they are seeking....

.... if a program is Free... then YOU are the Product

DNS LEAKAGE spotted 23 hours ago from ramble research and formally reported 23 hours ago !:

.onion request in regular window should also avoid DNS leakage #14261: