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Sorry, I know I've been a bit MIA lately. I work full time in a factory, with overtime recently as well as work part time for my own business before / after the factory gig and do it all day on the weekends.

I just work too damn much.

I'll try to set aside more time to post and pay attention to this site. If anyone wants to help out by being added as a global mod to all default forums, let me know. Just remove spam and illegal stuff, ping me via email if I need to ban someone truly bad in case I happen to be away from my desktop.

I didn't realize the site was down the other day. If the VM gets rebooted for any reason, it sometimes will take hours or more for me to get to get somewhere where I'm able to unlock the disks so that the VM will boot properly. Otherwise it'll just hang forever waiting for the encryption phrase.

With that said, I added RAMBLE to my network monitoring tool so if/when it goes down again I'll be more quickly alerted...

But yeah, I'm still here. Just working hard now so hopefully I don't have to work until the day I die. <shrugs>



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Wahaha wrote

No worries about downtime.
Not sure how to grow a site, but I'm trying to contribute. Even if its kind of like talking to a void sometimes. I'm also not having that much time in a day I can waste on the Internet, so there's that.

Did we even have spam and/or illegal stuff recently?
..does piracy count as illegal stuff?


Rambler OP wrote

Did we even have spam and/or illegal stuff recently? ..does piracy count as illegal stuff?

Woops, I should have clarified. We've been the target of a couple random raids. One, from Voat, (because shortly after a new Voat member posted this: and other similar stuff.

Piracy and stuff is fine. I just mean removing obvious spam, and obvious ultra illegal stuff like CP or posts about specific threats of violence, as well as posts asking for or offering illegal goods. This site is not a dark net marketplace. My provider has made it clear that linking TO suck marketplaces are okay and I believe some links already exist in that regards.


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

I think that I could help, since I'm pretty much browsing all new posts multiple times a day, even commenting on some of them. That downtime did scare me, though.


AWiggerInTime wrote

Have you tried scripting it? (i.e if the VM goes down then the script connects via VNC or whatever you're using and inputs the passwords)


Rambler OP wrote

I have not, though I've added to my 'to do list' that I review daily to try out an idea I have so I can respond to downtime faster and when I'm mobile. So hopefully this week I'll get to testing it out.


podnas wrote

Id be happy to lend a hand on the site or any admin/site resiliency etc.. let me know!


Halver wrote

Hello, Thanks for providing those forums. I may help a bit with the moderation of some forums, but I'm exclusively using the torbrowser, and I don't know if this is technically feasible (because of js etc). My interests are with cryptocurrency (mainly Monero), privacy, Tor, onions, etc.


takeheart wrote

I guess it's the end, it was fun couple of months, but when admin doesn't care and invites police for takeover, I ain't gonna stay to see the same shit unfolding again. Naturally, I'm not blaming you, your own life should always take priority. Take care.


Rambler OP wrote

Not sure what 'police takeover' you seem to think would occur when a moderator literally has no access to anything other than normal moderator actions. IE: Remove spam/posts, all of which is visible via the global mod log and done in a way where I can reverse their actions if I disagree with it. Not like I'm requesting help and giving someone SSH access to the box, ha.

I admit, I've slacked a bit as I've been focused more on my business project than this. I hate my factory job and am trying to grow a business so that I can support myself from it and it alone.

Feel free to pop in or create a new account in the future. Registration is open and I'm still lurking.