[RAMBLE] Site Wide Rules

  1. Not only does [RAMBLE] rules, but we also have rules.

Not only does [RAMBLE] rules, but we also have rules.

Lame joke aside, it's important to note that this community exists and is for all people. While we are strongly anti-censorship and pro-freedom of speech, some things are just plain illegal and the owners of this community do not wish to be held legally liable to those who misinterpret this website's accessibility via 'the dark net' meaning that it's some sort of unmoderated free-for-all. Please, we do not want to be featured on CNN.

With that said, the rules are relatively basic for now. They may be adjusted as needed as this is a new community and it's direction is unclear.

  1. No requesting to buy or sell anything that's illegal. That includes anything ranging from drugs, fake ID's, guns, images, personal information whatever. You know what the law is. This is not a dark net marketplace. Just assume that anyone offering or encouraging such activity is a cop and block them.

  2. Absolutely no images, video, or other media (real, digital, or otherwise) depicting minors sexually. This includes asking for links or submitting links to such content. Once again, just assume anyone doing that is a cop and setting you up. If that becomes even remotely an issue or topic of concern then our only viable option would be to close the non-clearnet channels of access to this website to force all traffic through the main internet.

  3. No legitimate calls for targeted acts of violence. There is a difference in saying someone deserves something to happen to them, and actually moving forward with a plan to make that happen. Just don't.

  4. Have fun. Engage in conversation. Share what is on your mind.

It's a pretty lax system we have here initially, but things may be adjusted as needed as the site grows. Moderators are able to run their forums how they see fit within their communities, though admins of course have the ability to override any/all actions that a moderator makes. Any community found that exists in total disregard of the above rules will be cleaned up. Depending on severity, may either have content removed or have moderators replaced or be closed / banned all together.

We hate using language like 'removed' and 'banned', but we exist under a legal system and must abide by some very basic rules to keep this place online.