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smartypants wrote (edited )

Fappening did NOT BREAK apples 100% perfect cloud cryptography, it brute guessed famous peoples phones via their phone numbers to start, plus a dictionary attack.

Not even APPLE EMPLOYEES or ENGINEERS can ever ever EVER see your private photos stored in Apple's Cloud for iOS, without a password.

This was proven in federal court cases by FBI.

The reason is simple a password, or access to cypto hardware key on Phone are needed.

The Fappening of Apple was because the REMOTE login to Apple icloud allowed thousands of guesses per second per IP, instead of one guess per second, and all the so-called hacked people had 5 digit or 5 letter or less passwords and a simple dictionary attack was used.

The Fappening can happen again, but not a risk from apple engineers, it requires a person to store entire phone backup as a giant dmg on icloud (like before) and request a full restore to a new ios device or virtual device (like before in first Fappening)... but also still a PASSWORD or access to original hardware, but now the password is barely once per second with a cuttoff per day of XXX guesses.

Apple iCloud is the most secure cloud in the History of Technology!

That said, I do not nor ever have used Apples iCloud and rip iCloud out forcefully out of laptops to prevent accidental app usage. If you open a word processor document, and paste a bitcoin wallet password momentarily in a open text window WITHOUT SAVING, the 2021 macs will shadow copy it in case power goes out, to a fucking goddamned evil iCloud unless you rip out this so-called MOSSAD feature.

Apple iCloud has never been hacked and is 256 bit unhackable and always has been. 128 bit for most other nations of Apple iCloud... no comment for Chinese Apple iCloud.


boobs wrote (edited )

i personally dont trust apple enough to think they'd continue to do this in a competent fashion. apple has the worst track record with security than any other tech company.


smartypants wrote

you are probably right :apple now has spy circuits built into their chips for audio to text, and circuits to do face identification built into chip, and this month apple big sur OS on m1 macs is VERY HARD to run older unsigned code and very very hard to turn off "SIP" elements to modify kernel files, or even use a debugger, and if you do turn off SIP, you must perform an action from the spy software inside the m1 mac that makes machine never load the new iOS compatibility engine code.

apple iCloud might be safe from FBI, but soon Apple china will maybe own all of you.


dandrews wrote

You are saying that Tor is an honeypot for the most various 3-letter agencies around the world while Apple has unhackable cloud technologies... Sure thing man, you are believable as hell!


smartypants wrote (edited )

I never once typed a single word discussing "tor" network.

tor is NOT the tor browser, fool.

Do you know a single thing about crypto?