dandrews wrote

Imo "normies" will be even more unaware of their privacy than they are now, whilst us and maybe more tech-savvy people will use alternative platforms and networks. btw I never understood the "surveillance=safe" equation, even irl. I mean, having cameras everywhere didn't make us safer...

P.S. why Mozilla can't shut up and harden firefox?


dandrews OP wrote

Thank you Rambler for your thorough response! I found a lot of my thoughts is your reply, even if right now I haven't reached your level of privacy practices (still on social media, using google products, etc.). I try to use floss software where possible and I'm interested in privacy and security topics. My anonymity part of the question was purely from a curiosity stance, since I'm really fascinated with this kind of stuff and this website permits my to apply it a little bit. Surely, my style (especially my typos) is recognizable and traceable, but I'm still going to try to achieve it and to find instruments to spread my opinions. For this I'd like to thank you again Rambler. With this platform you have given a little place to escape my ordinary life without feeling like an outcast for using tor. I hope that Ramble will live a long life!