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smallpond wrote

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Nah, you need to go easy on the red pills. Some tribes are genuinely stupider than others.

I should have been more specific, but my default reputable source is s peer-reviewed publication in a reputable journal. That's pretty easy to find/trust over the internet.

Shit like this is ok if it's entertaining, but you're safer to assume it's a lie without a reputable source.


Wahaha OP wrote (edited )

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By the way - and this came up in a different discussion I had today - a "reputable source" is nothing but an euphemism for a source that screens based on your own filter bubble. Essentially you are not asking for a "source" you are asking implicitly whether or not your own tribe agrees with this new information. (If it's not part of your tribe it isn't "reputable".)

What you should be asking instead is whether or not there is any evidence for the claim. But this is impossible to provide as information over the Internet, as information can be tampered with. So just take it as possibly true until you find corresponding evidence.


smallpond wrote

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Would have preferred a link to a reputable source discussing such things.


WhoIsJoe wrote (edited )

Tor and I2P are useless when you can see every message pass from hop to hop on the global level anyway, why do they keep doing this shit? It must be a power thing. To show everyone not to try to fuck with them, even though it won't work


il_douche wrote

Look into I2P.

Less centralization, (no hard-coded directory servers; because on I2P everyone is a directory server) more relays, (everyone is a relay by default) faster than Tor.

Downside: Less exit nodes. I2P is meant for communicating mostly within I2P, not outside. But this can be a good thing, because most of the attacks that the feds use to deanonymize tor users are based upon the user using exit nodes to talk to the regular internet.


DcscZx5idox wrote (edited )

I have had same issue after I upgraded Firefox ESR to version 102 from 91. No addons. HTTPS-Only Mode is disabled.

Edit: Somehow this issue was dissolved. And redirect to IP address url 23 . 137 . 250 . 250 occasionally on Firefox ESR 91 and 102 after RAMBLE site updated.


Rambler OP wrote

Agreed, however, from the same article you have it mentioned that a board member of Tor is also the CEO of the company that sells this data to the US Military / Government.

The Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General, which the whistleblower alleges referred their complaint to the Navy, told Motherboard it had received Wyden’s letter and was reviewing it. The Office of the Naval Inspector General declined to comment and directed Motherboard back to its Department of Defense counterpart.

Beyond his day job as CEO of Team Cymru, Rabbi Rob Thomas also sits on the board of the Tor Project, a privacy focused non-profit that maintains the Tor software. That software is what underpins the Tor anonymity network, a collection of thousands of volunteer-run servers that allow anyone to anonymously browse the internet.

“Just like Tor users, the developers, researchers, and founders who've made Tor possible are a diverse group of people. But all of the people who have been involved in Tor are united by a common belief: internet users should have private access to an uncensored web,” the Tor Project’s website reads.

When asked by Motherboard in April about Thomas’ position on the Tor Project board while also being the CEO of a company that sells a capability for attributing activity on the internet, Isabela Bagueros, executive director for the Tor Project, said in an email that “Rabbi Rob's potential conflicts of interest have been vetted according to the standard conflicts disclosure process required of all board members. Based on the board's understanding of Rabbi Rob's work with Team Cymru, the board has not identified any conflicts of interest.”


z3d wrote

That sounds like a browser issue forcing https:// for login pages. No issue logging into ramble.i2p here over http://.

Check you don't have an addon or configuration option enforcing https:// .. usual suspects are:

  • HTTPSEverywhere addon
  • Duckduckgo privacy addon
  • Firefox's HTTPSOnly mode