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Saint_Cuthbert wrote

Has anyone here read Pfizer's released documents? If an unvaccinated man walks by a vaccinated person, and then goes around a pregnant woman, he can cause her to miscarry. The covid vaccines were the worst mistake the world ever made. I would recommend Red Voice Media for more information concerning this subject.


righttoprivacy wrote (edited )

True, anything that offers security or privacy, or potential for selective anonymity can be abused.

My thoughts in defense of I2P for anyone else reading in future: open source projects are used for all kinds of purposes.

Someone might use Audacity to record threatening audio manipulated for extortion - but Audacity being an open source project can be used by anyone, for anything it is useful for.

I2P being a very useful collaboration open source network project w/anonymity / privacy potential has many positive uses. Not created for committing crime. It's a tool, like a hammer - can be used responsibly. Or not. It's the responsibility of the user.

Intent is important in most legal standing.


nook_ OP wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by S0meoneStrange in Monero betting and lottery by nook_

Was this anytime recently? I checked my wallet and do not see any incoming transactions from anyone in the last 2 months. No one has used my service in that time.

There is always a possibility that something is mis-configured on my end and my service is broken, although it would be strange if you won and my wallet wasn't showing the transaction but the website server detected it. I would appreciate your input. A bet number or lottery winnings address would be good to know so that I can help you. Thank you.


z3d OP wrote

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You shouldn't need a flatpak solution, installation isn't complex. The only dependency for installation is a Java installation, openjdk-{version}-jdk-headless on Linux normally works fine and should be available in your repos.

Once you've got Java installed, downloading an installer for I2P+ and then running java -jar ./i2pinstall.exe or whatever the name of the download is will launch the graphical installer. Running ~/i2p/i2prouter start post-installation (assuming you installed to ~/i2p/) should start the router and launch the console in your browser. Additional instructions available on skank.i2p.


NotQball wrote

The wallet software was distributed through i2p and Google Playstore etc. 4 million in 10 years is chump change: a bad year for Hunter B. or a few hours for a casino. This is Red Hairing selective enforcement. They could have sent them to jail for jaywalking. A shame!
I got more info on the MIT Mexi-cans Etherum and it was an internal fight brewing for 4 years. They should give them the PhD (prove here dummy) and a bug bounty but the "victims" are well connected.