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BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

No, you're the one who's stupid. systemdestroy is used purely for big corpos to take over Linux, which is unacceptable if we want a free operating system. Please read arguments against systemd (clear net only) and stop trying to push us into using a thing that only does harm and endangers Linux. Really, you can live your entire life with SysV, for example. It doesn't try to harm you.


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

I never used either LimeWire nor MuWire, but I do remember reading this TorrentFreak news post about both (clear net only). And yes, I do agree, file sharing should be free. Actually, I think that maybe everything should be free - I hate capitalism, after all.

And sure, many BitTorrent sites are trash, but you can somewhat avoid their bloat if you have qBittorrent (clear net only) with some search plugins (clear net only), like I do (but note that it has a Qt dependency).

Also, speaking of torrents, if someone wants something like it, but better, I think the answer (besides MuWire) is aMule (clear net only). It uses clear net by default, unlike MuWire, which uses I2P, but you can configure it to use Tor. Note that it's not possible to get a High ID while using Tor, so if that's problematic, you will need to use a VPN and hope they won't rat you out.

Or alternatively, you can use web services for sharing files:

  • Disroot Cloud (clear net only) for cloud storage - but note that Nextcloud is bloated and Disroot will delete your account if you don't remove offending file(s) within 24 hours. However, you can prevent them from looking at your files if you encrypt them with something like this: gpg -c
  • Snopyta PrivateBin (Tor v3 mirror) for text sharing - it does require JavaScreep, though
  • lainsafe (clear net only) for image sharing - there was also (Tor v2 mirror), but it doesn't allow uploads any more, so one needs to make a new instance of it
  • Disroot Lufi (clear net only) for temporary file sharing - it encrypts the files, so admins can't snoop on whatever you're sharing

smartypants wrote

I can tell you are not an engineer AND that you did NOT watch that video that 700,000 people watched.

Systemd won, and all linux switching to it.

Only low IQ fools tried to stop its complete take over.

I do not need to look at your links, because all the operating systems and all the educated people sanely switched over.

WATCH THE GODDAMNED VIDEO i linked to. watch it all.


riddler wrote

I don't know if knowing this really improves security. It's wireless and not wired, so If someone knows your SSID and password they can already listen. Sure they can start feeding bogus DNS and stuff but that's what other higher level security protocol protect against. With wifi, once your password is compromised there is minimal advantage to having someone connect to a compromised router.


smartypants wrote (edited )

systemd is eventually going to be all 100% of serious linux unix mac (partly in concept) osses

Good tips for a systemd-less OS?

Even your arch linux added systemd in 2012 nine years ago , and its default :

systemd was correctly promoted then spread to many osses for 100 great technical reasons.

WATCH every minute of this extremely famous video on systemd (speed it up to 1.25% if you want faster pacing) :

47 minutes of truth bombs from

systemd is AWESOME and the future

Already it took over most operating systems. Proof:

Arch Linux - October 2012 switched to Systemd
CentOS - July 2014 switched to Systemd
CoreOS - October 2013 switched to Systemd
Debian - April 2015 switched to Systemd
Fedora - May 2011 switched to Systemd
Linux Mint - June 2016 (v18.0) switched to Systemd
Mageia - May 2012 switched to Systemd
Manjaro Linux - Nov 2013 switched to Systemd
openSUSE - September 2012 switched to Systemd
Red Hat Enterprise Linux - June 2014 (v7.0) switched to Systemd
Solus switched to Systemd
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - October 2014 switched to Systemd
Ubuntu - April 2013 (v13.04) soon mandatory

Anyone that is not happy with the future of OSses and faster booting and hates systemd typically is uneducated on systemd and never watched this 700,000 view youtube video.

anti systemd people in 2021 are laughed at behind their backs by skilled engineers and people who watched ALL of that video :

2012 short pamphlet : Arch Linux Environment set-up How-To

2009 167 pages : Arch Linux Handbook: A Simple, Lightweight Linux Handbook

neither are modern arch info, so i guess you need to use online stuff


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

I'm sorry, but why did you censor the Amazon link? Is it because it's Amazon?

Also, if you really want to defang it, I recommend doing it like this:


That way, it doesn't even get interpreted as an URL, which would look weird. By the way, to make it faster, you can use CyberChef (clear net only).

Also, no, I don't have Alexa or Siri. Fuck home assistants.


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

I agree, there are a dozen things Windows does better than Linux (tilde club clear net mirror, Tor v3 mirror, Tor v2 mirror, Freenet mirror, I2P mirror), but to be honest, Windows has ten times more issues than Linux, so I don't think those things should make us not switch to using Linux as the default operating system. But still, those issues should be pointed out, especially to Linux fanboys because they love to attack any suggestion, even if it's actually a valid suggestion.


smartypants wrote (edited )

Demos and trials in youtube videos of latency, speed, and cost for north america almost made me want to try starlink too!!!! I have have multiple hardwired and cell paths already!

Did you see how fast starlink is? watch the linus tech tip demo or other demos.


If you are in a mountain valley, the ONLY radio you can use to get on internet is UPWARD not low angle, and a that latitude washington state needs starlink in valleys

in kentucky and tennesee , I predict they will also pick up a shitload of users by word of mouth. hard to even get fast cell packets

my only complaint about some of these satellite systems is the ACK before a packet arrives in some designs being sent for a packet that never technically arrived, but optical long haul networks between nations do that too.. allowing for photons to be in transit across an ocean up to 15 fake ACKS ahead.

I say its retarded because an ACK should be an ACK not a expectation based on traffic flow.

But in the year 2000 it was noted :

10,000 miles away with 80 msec latency and 160 msec roundtrip time. At 1Gb speed, there are 8MB of data on route to a destination in 80 msec before the destination even has a chance to send its very first ACK back

8 megabytes of photons trapped in the cable, even if zero hops. This is the same problem with satellites... but in this starlink its 130 megabytes in transit before the first ACK... so the greasy fuckers hack all the TCPIP streaming window protocols to pre-ACK. and ACK packets that have not really ever arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

in most protocols its up to 15 packets, but I bet this starlink has more generous hacks. It also means that ping tests need to be cryptographic computational twoway handshakes then divided by two , to get real latency.

The video link I gave shows overhead satellites giving 27 millisecond latency for gamers... I assume its legit. but


Of course, it need not be said, that SLIDING WINDOWS allow for zero ( 0 , none nada zilch) fake ACKS in any network, and back off when a router buffer overflows enroute

i just think that its amusing that so many deviant hacks to subvert TCPIP windows exists.


smartypants wrote (edited )

apple does it too, i believe, but informs via a os call if a ARP-MAC path hosts a doppelganger IP on a second MAC address, though not an error, because a machine can use more than one MAC over time to support one IP address

WINDOWS programs are far far worse for man in the middle attacks than other osses and weakened because calling in most tools allows man in middle downgrades to http (not https) for example due to trusting faked DNS trampoline chains. This can be seen in most all laptop cellphone cards (technically modem dongles) for windows, but never on mac implementations of same products.

multipath FAILOVER is another reason linux and apple allow OS to merely note these suspicious events, rather than block doppelgangers :

failover and multipathing originated on laser optical Fibre Channel and copper iSCSI originally, but now failover encompasses multiNIC world and SANS :

Understanding Multipathing and Failover:

Multipathing is retarded in my opinion and pairs packets across two typologies and switches, but if going to two different SANS with two different powersupplies in two buildings and using RAID-0 and a hack... it is amusing to me. apples original top end SANS had multiple cables, multiple power cords, and multiple powersupplies and RAIDED 5-0 (five Oh) of 14 drives into two 7 drive clusters and multipathed for speed, but could run with 7 drives on one side of rack pulled or dead from powerout on half of that single rack. That was wehn apple bent over backward to appeal to fucktard IT losers with amazing technology... but the fucktards still bought slower cheaper stuff from dell.

so secure topologies are a mixed bag and may depend on if a device is used for certain wifi setup protocols, or a "WIRELESS PIN SETUP CODE". wifi printers use a "timeout grant" "easy passcode" setup mode to create a crypto handshake to a router... for example. I could see how that printer would NOT at all like a MAC to change between it and some other point, if printer was using "WIRELESS PIN SETUP CODE" mode, meant for small "internet of Things" devices.

so windows is sometimes less secure than linux or mac, not more secure


spc50 wrote (edited )

That's amazing. Who knew? You knew. Rocking!

There are ways to do these transactions. Just have to get creative and certainly is going to be a cost premium. Not for the pedestrians.

COVID'noia has been interesting with the whole face covering thing.

Legit can go full nut paranoid and wear a helmet and people may look but zero they are going to do. Cash and carry in your astronaut suit :)

But yep, no retail buy of System76. Shame.


spc50 wrote

This is that corporate partnership with government to run around your rights.

Remember, governments are corporations too. Nevermind they are special status of and issue corporate permissions for their servant corporations (the business versions).

Our laws are failing to deal with this bullshit. Failing to deal with privacy. Failing to deal with dumb clicked on walls of words where they tell you to pound salt and get AIDS, we rape you and you approved it agreements. You consented, so they claim.

It's time to chuck the phone. Sorry but 85% of apps are useless. Any app that requires any permissions beyond what is obviously needed, should be uninstalled.

I am very much into flip burner phones. Cash and carry. But good luck following that rabbit trail. But need to have real discipline about that phone never coming on anywhere except in designated neutral safe place.

Also have to be diligent about dropping them and moving on. Zero attachment to. Short term handling.

Faraday bags are mandatory for storing. Battery removed.


smartypants wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by spc50 in I want a Computer that I Own by HMTg927

buy a System76 model

until you can buy System76 model in cash on foot at a big store with face coverred... you will be put on a "suspicious person" list, I predict, if shipped to you, or bought using credit card.

WORSE: System76 REFUSES TO ACCECPT cryptocurrency at any price at any markup EVER. Bitcoin banned by System76 and its because FBI/NSA/CIA wants to know all owners of Syystem76 machines. Petitions for bitcoin do no good for 7 straight years :

They wont accept cash in Denver Colorado if you tried to buy it in person somehow, but saslemen allow anything at big companies so i bet if you looked like you might want to buy lots in the future a salesguy you meet up with will probably setup a cash purchase of an initial machine. Salesguys in silicon valley even do SWAPS between companies for barters. Salesguys just like to make deals in general.

Lots of ways to get business cards of head sales guys of system76 :


spc50 wrote

Good time to promote the organization mentioned start of the article:

They seem to be a worthy one fighting digital tech tyranny in various foms.

I will say the whole camera all over thing is getting out of control. 16 cameras they said in and around vehicle? Armored trucks don't even go that nutty on security.

I do a lot of road cycling. 10's of thousands of miles a year. Many places where traffic is rude, dangerous and downright out to inflict harm. I have one camera on loop during trips through questionable areas. Ideally should have two- one front, one facing rear.

When I have just the one, I am stopped by inquisitive people. I can tell people are worried about their privacy and realizing implications of such potentially.

Additionally, I am very much into core strength and weighted pack hiking - urban environments mostly. My pack has a breast pocket loop with a bodycam on it. Similar reason and intent. That too, every time I am out, it gets noticed and someone inquires.

Now I am not using the data or doing anything with it. It's insurance just in case of incident of road rage, escalated loud mouth, etc.

Amazon in contrast is sending all this data to their cloud, making intelligence of, storing it.

Look at Google imagery for maps. Piling up. Used by investigators routinely.


spc50 wrote

Can't forget the BIOS issues too... Allegedly infested with backdoors and exploits, by design.

That's why we see 'open source' drop in replacements.

I'll say, QUBES OS did a good run for a while on the OS layer to attempt to shield and isolate things.

Been a while since I ran it because in recent versions it is damn needy about what it will run on. At point where you have to buy a System76 model, Lenovo specific model or a few others or no real chance of getting it to run.

With Qubes OS would continue momentum and direct sell machines ready to run their OS. It's a bit odd to get use to but it's definitely a worthy project in my opinion.