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smartypants said () (edited )

Probably only a little deal because 11.0.1 stopped shipping long ago and LOTS of patchess since 11.0.1 :

See? Current is 11.2.1, not 11.0.1, as per Apple

And many updates between.

If you bought a M1 computer 2 weeks ago it is shipped from China with OS : 11.1 (not 11.0.1) and Also 2 weeks ago firmware version is "6723.61.3". Also if you plugged in that computer, it tries , if you let it, to immediately install a giant new OS update. The update removes ability to run old sideloaded iPhone apps on m1 macs, so some might stick with 11.1 (not 11.0.1) for a while before letting apple force 11.2.1

THOSE HACKS IN THAT LINK might not have value, if they only work on 11.0.1 version of older OS


Rambler said ()

Good read, for sure.

Do you have any trouble using these cards anywhere? Do you use them for normal online bill pay, online ordering from stores (or ebay/amazon, etc)?

What happens if you, say... Put $200 on a card to pay some bills and you have a $1.28 balance left over or something on the card. Anyway to transfer that to another card or do you just lose it if you can't find a small purchase to apply that balance towards? (So in a way, an added fee to the original card purchase?)


spc50 OP said ()

Amen! Support small biz always. Most workers are employed by small businesses.

However, with all the tax complexity and tech infiltration, those smart registers are hell on earth.

Avoid signing up for rewards / frequent buyer stuff unless you provide them with manufactured data. A good straw man just for that is recommended. Or a few... Give the person their own VOIP number, own freebie privacy email address, etc.