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takeheart wrote

Mass education is not help, it's a brainwashing tool, it's purpose is to violate, rape young minds and bodies into conformity. Healthy men don't like being raped. Women do, because enjoying or at least tolerating rape had evolutionary benefit for their ancestors.


foimijer wrote (edited )

Deport all Vietnamese out of Japan. They are extremely dirty people. Just search on with keywords "Vietnamese stealing in Japan", "Vietnamese are thief", "Vietnamese pickpocket", "Vietnamese are rude", "Vietnamese are scammers", you will be surprised. But my experience is limited


WhoIsJoe wrote (edited )

Tor and I2P are useless when you can see every message pass from hop to hop on the global level anyway, why do they keep doing this shit? It must be a power thing. To show everyone not to try to fuck with them, even though it won't work