Posted by Rambler in Ramble (edited )

  • Moved nameservers away from to . IncogDNS is a very early stage beta of an idea I have so I may switch back/forth to as needed as I break/fix stuff.
  • Enabled IPv6 support. So those with IPv6 connectivity can reach the site natively over IPv6 now. This was an oversight that I hadn't addressed until now. IPv6 routing is often less congested. You won't notice a difference but IPv6 needs to be normalized and more widely adopted.
  • You may notice some quirks if viewing the site over I2P. Doing some heavy caching and some varnish / tinyproxy magic to make page loads faster. Right now some stylesheet elements may appear wonky. I may revert the settings until it's figured out.


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BlueHat wrote

I have indeed noticed some quirks. I thought that they were weird, since my browser (Pale Moon) kept showing me errors whenever I loaded the site. I even reported this in the #ramble channel on irc2p, although I had to go offline, so I don't know if you responded or not. Also, I'm unable to login over I2P now for some reason. I can't really tell whether it's an issue with the browser or the site, since everything worked fine before.


DcscZx5idox wrote

Me too. My Firefox and Pale Moon browser that connect via I2P kept showing me errors whenever I loaded the site.


Rambler OP wrote

It's fixed. /u/z3d has been helping me get things snappy over I2P, which can be seen on http://tube.i2p and http://teddit.i2p, but the changes unfortunately don't translate well to the Postmill software.

I've reverted the changes. Ramble is already near clearnet speeds on I2P anyway.