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Perhaps it is true.

An official from Yahoo Japan said on Feb. 1 that the company decided it has become too difficult to continue servicing the region considering the costs of complying with local laws and regulations.

The company did not specify which laws and regulations it had in mind when making the decision. But it appears to be affected by recent moves in Europe to tighten regulations on the protection of personal data.


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All COVID-19 vaccines are free from metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, lithium, and rare earth alloys, as well as any manufactured products such as microelectronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, and nanowire semiconductors.

This might is falsehood.


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GNU/Linux desktop
often use: Pale Moon, Firefox ESR, and Tor Browser
sometime use: SeaMonkey, EWW (Emacs Web Wowser)

I don't use Chromium. Because, it send a lot of fingerprint to connecting server. (Fingerprint check)
Tor Browser is easy to use for privacy.
Pale Moon and SeaMonkey is forked from Firefox. But, they are lightweighter than Firefox. I use uMatrix addon for privacy and paformance.
EWW is very lightweight. But, many website are designed for Chrome and Firefox. So, EWW can not show those website.

Andoid mobile
often use: Iceraven, and Fennec F-Droid 68.12
sometimes use: Tor Browser, and Bromite

Iceraven is:

  • about:config support
  • The ability to attempt to install a much longer list of add-ons than Mozilla's Fenix version of Firefox accepts. Currently the browser queries this AMO collection Most of them will not work, because they depend on code that Mozilla is still working on writing in android-components, but you may attempt to install them. If you don't see an add-on you want, you can request it.

I have been using Firefox 68 too. Because, latest Firefox is very heavy.
Bromite setting is anti-fingerprinting.


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Tor Project is "REMOVE". Tor Project posted on offcial SNS account.

The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter: https://rms-open-letter.github.io/

The Tor Project @torproject@mastodon.social

The Tor Project has made it clear to Freedom Software Foundation and #LibrePlanet in the past that we did not want to participate in the event if they welcomed RMS back.

To re-instate him without notifying the community prior to the event is against the transparency we stand for in this community.

The Tor Project @torproject@mastodon.social

I agree the following reply.

@torproject You should focus more on privacy and security and less on trying to cancel people you don't like.

Joshua Crawford @jlcrawf@librem.one


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I recommend XMPP than Signal, especially for Chinese people. I think XMPP's main features are anyone can select from many servers and it have easy to use End-to-End Encryption implementation.

"Is Jabber accessible from China?" - reddit
libreddit. (webproxy frontend for reddit) URLs: clearnet, Tor

I'm in China and can access many XMPP servers, e.g. xmpp.jp, swissjabber.ch, chinwag.im, yax.im, disroot.org, member.fsf.org.

From what I understand about China's GFW, and I am American so no direct experience, it'll work at the beginning if you use TLS. Maybe not STARTTLS?

However, I do know that all VPNs will eventually stop working, forcing you to switch IP or protocol - the GFW has some basic machine learning. If all you do is connect to a specific IP, it'll start throttling connections to said address. It may do the same if it can't scrutinize the encrypted Jabber connection.

The bigger issue is that Jabber is still more complex to set up securely. That's probably why it doesn't have as much mindshare. Given that reputation, and the state of clients across platforms not all implementing the same features (not even equally well), it's harder to convince someone to deal with all of the headaches involved.

I actually had a plane get delayed in Shanghai, and I had no phone plan so the internet was my only option for communication back to the US. Couldn't use Facebook or Instagram. Forget Gmail, because even the Google homepage couldn't be accessed there. Hotmail said it delivered, but I found out the message didn't get received until about 3 weeks AFTER I arrived back in the US. Jabber was the only thing that DID actually work.

By comment on "Signal's open sourced server code hasn't been updated for over a year. Should we be concerned?"

Well, while open source does not mean it's secure, this is still a weird thing to do.

I would simply recommend to stop using Signal and start using XMPP with OMEMO encryption, since this is the gold standard of instant messengers, at least for me. You should especially stop using Signal because it requires your phone number, which immediately disqualifies it for a private messenger.