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TallestSkil wrote

Clear falsehood. All I have to do is type [pregnant man emoji, coming in September 2021] [squirt gun emoji, having universally replaced real gun] [bomb emoji, because real bombs are okay I guess] [skull emoji] and they know what those characters are, so they can ban you for posting them together.


Wingless wrote

I thought pregnant man emoji, very funny. But I thought nothing is too crazy, I looked it up, and IT IS REAL! Actually THEY are real because there have to be six different races of proud vaginal papas.

Now "emoji" is a private company, or to be more precise, it's a private company saying "I Get To Post Pictures and You Don't Because YOU might Post 256 Pixels of Child Porn And We Can't Have That But You Can Exercise Your Creativity By Reordering My Pictures In Many Combinations". With a caveat for the censorship issues raised above. Normally I wouldn't bother.

Still, in this case, I think they have inadvertently appealed to unwanted diversity, and they're going to have to backtrack because they're going to normalize unnatural minority groups. You can't have that, and they should know, that what you WANT to say always has to take a back seat to the unhealthy inference someone MIGHT take. Because if you look up online, there's no Fat Man Emoji of course, because fat people are bad. And yet, it is rumored that in dark spaces on the internet, there may be a few fat men looking to be recognized as if they were a legitimate lifestyle choice and not just freaks, dig? So we, erm, I mean THEY, none of them around HERE mind you might be prone to post some illicit sentiment they have failed to predict and contain. Oh boy those were good cheeseburgers this afternoon. I got to go deliver a BABY...

They will abandon their effort, or at least, go back to the Drawing Board.


Wahaha wrote

"Online abuse". This is trivializing real abuse!


Wingless wrote

even when using Google's SafeSearch feature - 36% of the images shown in response to the search "Jewish jokes" were antisemitic.

No shit, really? Their search engine still occasionally delivers results that have something to do with what you typed in? Somebody should fix that.