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I try to use Peertube and Odysee instead of Youtube because I don´t believe the solution to Youtube tracking is to play cat and mouse with Google, the solution is to have an alternative platform that respects privacy and freespeech, but lots of valuable content can be found in Youtube and sometims I still have to visit so thank you for the proxy.


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A Nokia smartphone because:

  1. They are cheap
  2. All Nokia smartphones guarantee three years of security upgrades, something very rare in cheap Android phones, this is usually reserved to high end models.
  3. They are not owned by the Chinese. The brand is owned by Microsoft and they sold to HMD Global, a Finnish company, the rights to build phones with the brand.

HMD Global announces three years of OS updates for mid-range Nokia devices https://www.notebookcheck.net/HMD-Global-announces-three-years-of-OS-updates-for-mid-range-Nokia-devices-two-years-for-budget-handsets-and-not-necessarily-anything-for-the-Nokia-C-series.531561.0.html


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Just make sure that whatever cryptocurrency you buy, can be traded in exchanges otherwise you will never be able to cash it out.

You are wise wanting to experiment with it without risking any real money, cryptocurrencies are highly instable and impossible to predict, treat it like a lottery, you can get lucky, not because you are smart, but because it´s luck, and more often than not, you will lose everything.