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The Onion address leaks by Brave have me digging into the browser: brave://flags/#dns-over-https

That should give you setting that should be toggle-able - if your OS is compatible. Mine is not. Therefore Brave never could send DOH - encrypted DNS - behind my back as assumed default they are doing.

Which means everyone on compatible platform isn't using DNS server they might think. And it means, Brave has been functioning as Man-In-The-Middle for all your DNS lookups.

Did you install Brave for that feature - DOH? I doubt it.

The other settings in there under experimental are so many. Tons that are privacy concerns.



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smartypants wrote (edited )

Thank you!!!!!!

This is quite brazen of them.

Some of it might be laziness of checking out mods to chrome source they depend on, rather than their possibly obfuscated source alterations.

No way to tell probably without compiling or downloading chromium yourself and confirming what they try to patch over :

And now I think you are on to a money avenue they are seeking....

.... if a program is Free... then YOU are the Product

DNS LEAKAGE spotted 23 hours ago from ramble research and formally reported 23 hours ago !:

.onion request in regular window should also avoid DNS leakage #14261:


boobs wrote

tor browser is free too, you are the product. :^)


dandrews wrote

if a program is Free... then YOU are the Product

please stop saying that fucking quote inappropriately. fuck brave, but at least is open source goddamnit. fuck brave for being a crypto and privacy scam.