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J0yI9YUX41Wx wrote

Hey, maybe he'll listen.


eeqrhty wrote (edited )

I doubt it. 45% of registered republicans supported the actions of demonstrators who stormed the capitol.

They have a big national security problem on their hands. There are two main ways they could deal with this.

  1. Thoroughly investigate the 2020 election and make real improvements to ensure that people have confidence in the results of future elections. Allow people to have more freedom and stop passing unconstitutional laws.

  2. Label anyone who questions the validity of the result a terrorist or potential terrorist. Ruin the lives of demonstrators. Increase domestic surveillance so that if anyone takes it upon himself to water the tree, he can be prevented from taking out anyone too important.

So far it's clear that they prefer option 2.


J0yI9YUX41Wx wrote

Well, with option #2, they get to keep this magic eraser that they can use on pretty much whoever.