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dontvisitmyintentions said ()

The wireless type that goes around your neck in one piece is superior while carrying loads, strapped to a bag, or twisting around. It tends to stay put or fall on your shoulder. You don't want to put the wired or wireless earbuds back in after they get yanked out and touch the ground.

Though that's easier to prevent with a wire you can clip to your shirt.

Actually, I prefer the old cheap style over-the-ear headphones regardless. Sometimes one pops up in a discount store, likely old stock getting cleared out.


AWiggerInTime OP said ()

I just got lost on their page for like 2 hours.

The site itself is well-made, the articles interesting (damn, now I want a boat too) and Devine is probably the only person on the planet using Plan 9 as his daily driver (nevertheless, based).


Wingless said ()

Webp is not any better than other formats (many say worse), less compatible, yet Google made it and promotes it and apparently does weird SEO blackmail behind the scenes for it. Question I have is why???

Tech companies only do things for one reason, and that reason is to spy on you. But how does Google spy on you with an unwanted image format?


riddler said ()

What and idiot. They realize there are no logical precautions being taking the slow the spread of this. Yet still they trust these doctors to administer a safe and effective vaccine. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from states like FL and TX indicating the lock downs and mask mandates do work. The headline is true. Doctors don't seem to care if they kill their patients, so why would you take their advice in regards to the vaccine?


takeheart said ()

60's kids - can't believe I lost the world revolution and now every generation after has to live in global totalitarian fascist concentration camp