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Wahaha OP wrote

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That's pretty much what the mass media is doing, yeah. You're still doing the skin color deflection, too. The talking point isn't skin color but phenotype. Or race. People are not predisposed to certain behavior because of the color of their skin, but because of their race. And even then you are going to have outliers in either direction.

But we are talking genetics here, not social factors, so even if you have an outlier, their children and grandchildren are going to return to the mean.

So you get stuff like the following where the child of someone trying to make a living destroys their living space (he got his phone taken away as a disciplinary measure, I hear), because he's unable to deal with the higher level of aggression typical for his race: (Mirror:

This then translates into higher likelihood for violent crime once he gets older. Of course, if there was a father in his live he could teach him and maybe avoid the worst case scenario. Maybe. Low IQ coupled with high aggression makes for an unfortunate starting point in life.

Especially when put in a normal school class that expects you to be something you are not. So it's unsurprising that low IQ children tune out of school and do something else with their life. They still want a place to belong where they can respect for the things they do. And if they are naturally prone to high level of aggression you get gangs that fight each other. If you are not naturally prone to this you might escape into video games.

The root problem is that school fails both high and low IQ children. If the place we force children to spend most of their day was actually a place they could feel they belong to, where they could get respect for the things they do, then things wouldn't be this bad.

But high IQ children get bored with school. You can't feel respected when you solve problems that are way below you. It feels suffocating. Like people take you for an idiot. And low IQ children get overwhelmed. You can't feel respected when you are unable to solve any of the problems given to you, either. No matter how hard you try.


smallpond wrote

Nah, you're still focusing on skin color, perhaps because your brain's not as big as you claim. Trying to separate nature from nuture is complex, and there may be much better ways to group people than just race/skin. But then all the failures who have nothing going for them apart from white skin couldn't feel superior about something.


Wahaha OP wrote

It is you that is coming back to skin color again and again. What a racist you are.