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raincoat OP wrote

I can see more free speech sites moving to an invite system in the future as a defense against bots, feds, shills etc.

It was encouraging to see from this link you posted that they acknowledge the futility of shutting down sites and are having to come up with new tactics.

These communities simply migrate to new or dormant chans – all implement the same HTML structure and are very easy to replicate

One such tactic would aim at gradually making these boards less interesting for their users. One way to achieve this would be to regularly post content that looks genuine (using the right language, imagery, etc.) yet is meaningless – this would dilute the message of these boards and make their threads uninteresting, thereby reducing their attractiveness and sense of community.

Recent developments in artificial intelligence enabling researchers to generate credible extremist sentences make such a tactic cheap and easy to implement”

I had suspected that this was going on a lot but it was still interesting to see it officially described as a solution to the futility of shutting down forums. Agree that the intelligence of the current user base is a plus, especially since AI generated posts are a major tactic that they are now using to suppress communities. Bot accounts can blend in on some sites but would eventually stick out on a forum that has more in depth discussions.

Not a fan of the site but Kiwifarms seems pretty good for free speech. Might want to add that one to your list.

I think ramble could go under the radar, or at least be low priority for leftist groups for a long time if posts about race and jews continue to be a relatively small percentage of the content. With a broad user base that will be the case naturally without anyone self censoring.


smartypants wrote (fediverse)?

I will remember to add , but some claim it is a brigading stalking forum of sorts. (drama) , but it is allegedly Free Speech and thus should be listed. seems focused sometimes on discussing drama on kiwifarms, such as in this long thread:

Registration was open yesterday, and might still be, if i have time I'll check out kiwifarms


raincoat OP wrote

some claim it is a brigading stalking forum of sorts.

Yep. That's why I'm not a fan of the site. I think the people there who obsess over harassing "lolcows" are the real lolcows. Some other sections of the site seem alright though. I hear there is more of a mix of left and right leaning people than other free speech forums.