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EDIT: disregard everything below, apparently I'm the one who fucked something up

EDIT2: for those who encounter the same problem in the future (on Firefox at least): it turns out I enabled network.http.referer.spoofSource, which made the server return a wrong Location for reloading the page after upvoting. So I just disabled that and all is well now.

Original post:

...kind of works, but returns a 405 error page because clicking the upvote button sends a GET request instead of the expected POST. Not the end of the world, nevertheless I find it quite annoying.

To fix this, you could either redirect GET requests back to the page where the user upvoted a post, or use a form and return the page where the user upvoted a post.



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BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

What do you use that returns 405 Method Not Allowed when upvoting? I just upvoted this post without JavaScreep and without any errors. It only refreshed the page.


ngmm OP wrote

What the hell, you're right. Just tried in another browser and it worked perfectly. I still don't know what causes this, guess it's time to dive into my about:config...