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At one point they started serving unsolvable captchas like google, fortunately they soon quit that fuckery and now it seems to work consistently.

It's still annoying as hell because tons of retarded webmasters block read access from Tor with Cloudflare cancer and thus also hCaptcha.

Though IMO captchas are not a fundamentally bad idea for blocking robots from having write access to a service, not malicious humans. They're just overused by idiots who have no fucking clue about what they're doing, which is mainly why half of the modern web is completely unusable on Tor. (There's also the minority which knows exactly what they're doing, aka Google.)


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I also try to add to my search whenever I'm looking for something. Especially music and pdfs, though for the latter there are many better sites.

And once I somehow found an album rip on a cancerous ad-ridden download site with a 10kB/s downlimit, and to my surprise after one day of waiting I managed to download it... but that's the only "pleasant" experience I've ever had with such websites. Actually these can only be "good" for music because you can't really fuck audio files up with viruses.


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You didn’t make an argument, I must project my feelings onto others to protect my fragile egosubhuman.

First you call it a strawman, now you even memory holed it in your head. You really are a peculiar conversation partner.

Project harder.

Don't worry, I can handle as many of your meaningless insults as I want. Though it's about time you came up with something new, if you want to avoid sounding like a broken record.

Man, Alinsky taught you well.

Surely you must be well versed in the teachings of Mr. Alinsky, so please excuse my ignorance and enlighten me: how does anything I've said have to do anything with that guy?

You are the state

Ah yes, now I've been promoted to Louis XIV.

Your desperate attempts to figure out my political leanings are amusing, though I can't help but pity how ridiculously simple-minded you are. At this point I'm not even sure if you're really trying to prove that your flavor of authoritarianism is any better than the one you're trying to associate me with.


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Haha, falling back to ad hominems as soon as you realized you're unable to refute the one argument I made. Looks like I inadvertently overwhelmed you, sorry for bringing up something outside the scope of your superiority complex. I'd say I'll try to think of something that even your mind is able to process, but since you appear to possess the mental capabilities of a goldfish, I'm afraid I'm not up to the task.

You know what, I'll try one last time: please keep trying to silence the enemies of the state, Stalin would be proud of you.


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Heh, good point. But to be fair, the Japanese writing system also has its fair share of weirdness with the seemingly random readings of Kanji based on context, so things like this are possible... honestly, both languages have awful writing systems that often hardly reflect the actual pronunciation of words.