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If you've not had the chance, take a gander over at our wiki as it will address in more detail some of what this post will cover.

First off, welcome to [RAMBLE]. This place is a bit different than some other "similar" sites, but that's by design.

For starters, this site is intended and optimized to be accessible via various "alternative internets" or anonymity networks. That's one of the reasons why it's pretty simple in design. Because a user's web traffic is often encrypted and/or routed randomly through a number of various servers before it reaches them, it can cause quite the noticeable decrease in their network speeds. With no fancy smancy 3rd party elements slowing things down or tracking elements like most websites, you'll find that [RAMBLE] is ideal for use on the various networks we're on! Seriously, go check out /w/networks to learn more, or join a forum specific to those network(s) if you're a newb looking to get introduced to the world of digital privacy.

Oh yeah, speaking of privacy: No email required upon sign up, not that we want to email you anyway. Just plop in the username of your choice and password and boom, you're ready to go!

Did I mention that we love freedom of speech and hate censorship? It's one thing to respect and value member's privacy, both by not collecting information about them and allowing encouraging use of alternative networks to access this website, but we also want to hear what you have to say and don't think there is a such thing as a 'wrong opinion'. While we do have a few basic rules (see /w/rules ) due to legal reasons, we're happy to see where things go naturally. Basically, we don't want to get featured on CNN because someone here does something dumb and want you to treat anyone offering or requesting anything illegal as a potential cop. Chances are, they are.

Simply put, we want to make the internet better by making it's users more private, secure and anonymous.

Feel free to participate in our default front page forums and to create your own!



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xaen wrote

Nice work 👍 and Im excited to see how everything goes.


Loxbey wrote

i really hope a lot of people get on here


Rambler OP admin wrote

Me too! Feel free to contribute to help make this place a valuable resource for others.


Loxbey wrote

i already xposted on r/piracy and a few hundred upvoted. also sharing with friends. i really like it here


CaptainBlackbeard wrote

Congratulations on the site! You did a pretty good job. I've been wanting to make such a site for a long time but never found the time to. Happy to be here within the first 24 hours of this site and I hope I can see it grow!


Fisuxcel wrote

It would be cool if you could hide your post history