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I found the link from r/privacy as well.

Looking at a web search for how the masses of people found reddit, most stated they heard about it from someone on youtube, and went to go check it out. Maybe look to get more people from sites other than reddit as well.

FWIW I also know early on reddit a lot of bot accounts they used to populate the service and make it feel like more people were there.

(Interesting How reddit started youtube video link)[https://youtu.be/RPN2vmZl4kA?t=345]

Things have defiantly changed on the internet since then but I honestly think the best thing for here is to add the good diverse content people are looking for, It will keep people coming back and recommending it to others.


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uh... I think the amount you're looking to pay is a bit low that comes out to somewhere around $1.43 to $1.67 an hour. That's less than minimum wage in ... Colombia ....... Wikipedia list of minimum wages by county

If you go by minimum wage in the US ($7.25/hour) for two to three hours of time, it would be somewhere $435/mo to $653/mo

The only people I see taking your offer are people looking to take your social media logins , people doing really bad work you won't want to accept, people that have a system already in place they use for themselves as well, or someone from a country that had minimum wage that's less than $1.50/hour.

Otherwise interesting concept/form.

Some other things that come to mind, you might want to say for people doing a gig, when you'd be paying (1'st of the month, half up front, end of the month) and how you'd be paying (paypal, check, bitcoin, moneygram, open to mutiple options, etc).


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I would second a matrix server vs a discord server. For TUI there's a couple, a weechat script (weechat-matrix), gomuks, matrixcli, and matrix-commander.

List of Matrix Clients

also ... FYI matrix is secure, just not quite anonymous, afaik only over clearnet as well.


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Key Disclosure Law

within the united states your passwords are protected by the 5th amendment.

fyi at the border it's more of a grey area and they are trying to coerce and compel you to including some possible notion of holding the device for a week or so to inspect it before returning it. You still do not legally need give them the password or entry into the device.

keep in mind, fingerprints and other biometrics are not passwords and for a long time were not protected in the same way. In 2019 it was ruled in Cali to get the same protection, but I'm not sure how far that runs Link


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IMO straight voting systems are great until botnets start doing there thing and giving one person the votes of hundreds of users. Hopefully they have something to counteract those types ....