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dontvisitmyintentions said () (edited )

I've followed the kerfuffle from afar, reading the most popular articles and comments on the "LiberaChat" side. And one theme dominates these stories, like a poorly-written comic book (which is how all drama plays out on this side of the Current Year):

Rasengan pisses off the right people. Every bad decision he might have made makes me chuckle. This Korean dude might actually be based.

I can imagine good reasons for doing all the terrible things he does (like dropping a bespoke, byzantine ircd nobody else uses for something normal people can configure, an ircd which was even controversial a decade ago when there were more people hacking on ircds), but I don't need to. He angers the people who got so angry that they died their hairlogo trans colors and moved out of their parents' house so they could stay up late and put their dildos on a shelf. At least, I'm 41% sure that's what happened.

Edit: (two days later) It turns out they anonymize IPs now like Rizon and other mainstream networks do. Based.