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Folks, we've got a rare treat this month. As detailed in local news and the Daily Mail, we have a "random, multi-state murder spree" going on. The details are perplexing, entertaining, they'll have you singing the theme song, but I have a basic question...

These people were wanted by police for multiple murders, driving a known car, and drove from South Carolina to Missouri ... and BACK ... before getting stopped by local cops. With all the spy shit they have in toll booths and "traffic cameras", did the spy state really miss them? Or do they not care? Or do they need a certain number of random murder sprees to explain their next set of purchases?



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Wahaha said ()

It's not something usable on random criminals. In a sense it is do-not-care. If what was possible would be used for everything, everyone would be more or less aware, making it much less useful. Like the heart attack gun the CIA has since the 1960s. It's used sparingly enough for most people to not even know that it exists. (It's basically an untraceable killing method with a disintegrating projectile that induces a heart attack int he victim.)

What you describe isn't something the people with access to the good stuff would be even aware of, I believe. Too insignificant to reveal their hand.