Posted by smallpond in Ramble (edited )

When I try to comment after signing in on the .onion site I get:


Your IP address,, has been banned.

Ban set on Oct 6, 2022.

This ban will not expire.



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Rambler wrote

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is done on purpose because of the amount of abuse, spam registrations and posts that happens through Tor.

In the meantime, please consider using I2P or Yggdrasil if you'd like to also post from an alternative network. Tor is on time-out until we can figure out a way to make it not just a ripe avenue of abuse and spam. =/


smallpond OP wrote

Ah, so it's a feature not a bug. No problem.


Rambler wrote

I'll see about having the message updated to more accurately reflect the issue.