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As you can likely tell, the website has been updated. We've updated the site and migrated it to a new server as well as pushed some UI updates that will progress over time, thanks to /u/z3d

Clearnet and I2P access is working fine.

Tor / Yggdrasil access is still pointing to the old server, so on those networks, you'll see the Maintenance Page.

Couple kinks still need worked out, namely new thumbnails for submitted posts aren't displaying properly.

Feel free to leave suggestions / comments related to the update here.



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ThatsSoJewish wrote

Didn't see an Introductions sub, so I'll just post here. Hey everyone! Left another link agregator a while back, looking for a new place to hang out. I mainly post pictures of space, bad memes and make off color jokes.


____ wrote

What ever happened to the plan?


Rambler OP wrote

I think I'm just going to use the domain as part of a mail relay project, now.


spektor wrote

My old login name didn't make it as it says that user does not exist.


Rambler OP wrote

Should have worked. I put the old site on maintenance mode to prevent any new sign ups or changes while I migrated the database.

Curious if anyone else experienced this.


chovy wrote (edited )

What software are we using here, is it on github? I really like these forums.


awdrifter wrote (edited )

700 m4ny w0rd5 4r3 b4nn3d, 17 m4k35 7h3 5173 unu54bl3.