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Will be doing some scheduled maintenance later today, 01/25/2021.

Statement / Purpose of Maintenance:

I'll be moving the DNS hosting from Cloudflare to Hurricane Electric ( and re-issuing the SSL Certificate for this site.

This maintenance will only impact the clearnet site temporarily. Access through Tor, I2P, Yggdrasil and Loki networks will remain unaffected.

Maintenance window should be an hour or less. I'll redirect Cloudflare to a maintenance page and if you see it for more than an hour, make sure you clear your local DNS cache. It's not expected to actually take that long (pretty simple / quick maintenance task) but I like giving myself some leeway.

People have expressed privacy concern over the use of Cloudflare so it's being replaced.

In the future we'll likely move our DNS to a self-hosted anycast solution as part of an unrelated project, but until then, we believe Hurricane Electric will serve us fine.

EDIT: If you access the clearnet website ( with an old, outdated browser, then you may find the website will not load properly for you after the maintenance period. We will be dropping support for all TLS versions EXCEPT TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3

TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols should have been removed from most browsers at the beginning of 2020. Don't use the internet with old, outdated web-facing software like browsers, please.

EDIT @ 21:48 UTC / 4:58PM EST :

Still waiting for to detect the updated nameservers at our registar. Once they're detected, it'll be maybe 10-15 minutes and the site will be properly live again on the clearnet. Sorry for the delay. I went through this process last night for another site of mine, and it took <10minutes or less to detect the change. I was not anticipating this delay.



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anon wrote

Wow. He actually listened and did it. What a man.


hideyourlies wrote

This is great news, CloudFlare must be avoided at all costs, they give up information without hesitation.


Wahaha wrote

I'm not using an old browser, but some naive spoofing. Which is apparently enough to run into IP blocks of this site, which happens to me regularly since a few days ago. I then have to press a button to get a new identity and everything is fine again.

After I figured out the privacy nightmare that user-agents are and that there's nothing you can do to any single user-agent to avoid this problem, I've opted to instead have the user-agent change every few minutes. Which includes IP information.