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spc50 wrote (edited )

F-off to reddit and other control NAZIS (as opposed to my kosher friends - at least the genuine ones of faith).

This gatewaying of all information and only calling something valid when it is admitted by a head of pyramid is tired.

This is why people sit on 0 day exploits for years and drop things strategically. Because too many people out there in power positions are abusive and in denial that their sh!t stinks.

Brave is an ugly baby.

I went back and found I tagged Brave leaking to plain DNS back on February 6th. Was new to me. Working on other stuff involving Tor and had just spun up Brave to check it out. Wondered why strange stuff in my DNS logs (you log your DNS lookups, don't you? You should).

Now who can point me to all the bundled Brave releases? Cause they are all fronted to feed you latest one. I want to selectively install and test and see how many releases they've been outing .onion addresses and putting normies at risk.