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Wahaha wrote

The reason it's not a planet anymore is because if it was, uncountable other rocks would be planets, too and instead of eight planets in our system, we'd have hundreds.

That being said, I would find it pleasing if we did just that and then had hundreds of planets.


takeheart wrote

That's the argument the nigger who cosplayed Sagan used to promote his planetarium. He was also shilling climate change hoax, so I wouldn't be surprised if Pluto become planet again some time in the future.


TallestSkil wrote

No, it’s an argument he stole from white men the 1860s who found Ceres, called it a new planet, but then subsequently found Vesta, Pallas, and the rest of the asteroid belt and then had to come up with a new designation for them because no one wanted fifty thousand planets.

If we find a Mars-sized object outside the Kuiper Cliff (or actually find Planet Nine finally), that will be a planet. Still, the IAU’s definition is bullshit.