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r3df0x wrote

such a shame. back to shitty torrents


Xanadu wrote

In theory MuWire could still work though someone needs run relay for peer discovery and code needs to be rebuild to support that relay :)


FreefallHeavens wrote (edited )

If you're running Windows 64-bit I've uploaded a build made from the very last commits that embeds router version 2.4.0. There's no need for relays as a list of frequently-online peers is already included, you just set up your initial profile and give it a bit and it will integrate with the rest of the network. Each peer tells the node about other peers, so as long as a few are reachable a picture of the entire network is eventually rebuilt.

In addition if you happen to also have I2P installed on your system you can run a script file from the folder that will automatically paste the modules of the current I2P install into Muwire. This isn't needed right now since 2.4.0 is the latest router, but it will keep the node easy to update on future releases, even if Muwire itself doesn't get any new updates. The last official commits had embedded router version 1.9.0.

The torrent to download this is on my website, same as my username, just add .i2p. Package is 107MB. Each install stores its profile directly in the app folder itself, be sure to read the Readme.

By its last official releases and commits the app had matured quite nicely and many of its features work very well. It would be a shame if it went to waste.