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In the next 1-2 years I will be winding down my MuWire activities and applying to a monastery where most likely I won't be allowed to use the internet or continue working on MuWire. So I'm looking for someone willing to develop the program and maintain it going forward.

Such person can be anonymous, but they would be much more effective if they're willing to de-anon in order to sign the Windows installers and the Mac dmg bundles. The costs of operating the network are relatively small:

  • domain name from GoDaddy: something small
  • website hosting on DigitalOcean: $15/month
  • self-hosted bootstrap and update server: practically free
  • Windows signing certificate from : around $50/year
  • Mac signing certificate - comes with Apple Developer membership - (last I checked) ~$80/year

If you're interested in having a demanding but also very rewarding hobby, get in touch. Obviously it will take some time for me to get to trust you and show you around the code, but if you're motivated it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks zab_



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