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Someone set himself on fire in his car a few days ago in protest of vaccine mandates.

In December a woman blocked the road with her car and did the same

Respect to the people who did it... I don't recommend that anyone does this, but it does take guts to do it.

I saw a Reddit thread about it. Most comments were unfortunately cracking jokes or celebrating, talking about how ridiculous it is to "protest against vaccines". Hopefully those were mostly bot accounts. A few were "disturbed at how callous people are towards someone who is mentally ill" and talking about how "misinformation" is hurting people.

You don't have to be mentally ill to do this... You can be completely sane and make the decision to protest in this way. There's the obvious issues of internment camps, bodily autonomy, vaccine injuries etc. to protest against. But also, the global central bank digital currency / corporate technocracy these mandates are a Trojan horse for is more dangerous than the Black Plague. Even the most deadly pandemics eventually burn out. A global technocracy would be almost impossible to overthrow.



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RAMBLE1 wrote

A global technocracy would be almost impossible to overthrow

That's where we're at, right now. They pushed this covid hoax. That means they have everyone in place they needed at every level. We're fkd! It wont work with lawyers. They wont stop. The masses needs to wake up!


ghast OP wrote (edited )

I'm pretty pessimistic about things working out long term through conventional politics, lawyers etc. as well. But in the short term, strategies with lawyers are throwing them off. There are also some other things that could possibly cause glitches in their plans and throw them off balance. The main things I see right now are decentralized crypto, the Gamestop situation, and the silver squeeze. I definitely think people should participate in the silver squeeze and buy physical silver for protection against inflation and a possible "cyber pandemic" attack on the financial system that the WEF keeps warning about. (Upcoming false flag to introduce people to central bank digital currency?)

Yeah you could say we are already partially there, when it comes to global technocracy, but there's potential for it to get so much worse in all kinds of ways. If you watch dystopian sci-fi movies you get what I mean. I think there's still a closing window of time when it's possible to resist and it's possible for things to go wrong for the planners.

I think the eventual introduction of central bank digital currency and digital ids for everyone is a major agenda behind the vaccine passports. Sweden may have not locked down so hard because their citizens are already very accustomed to using an ID number for many things and they are already well on the way to a cashless society.

I think payments will be integrated into the vaccine passport apps as a "convenient feature" at first and used to introduce central bank digital currency later, possibly as UBI. The central bank digital currency will not be blockchain based but instead, very centralized and controlled. It will be possible to disable the money of people who get out of line.


takeheart wrote

Why won't somebody do something? Oh, so burning oneself alive is a way of doing something, a political statement. I don't believe so, people don't burn themselves for statement, they do this out of despair, because their life was made unbearable by environment. Kind of happens with mistreated animals: first they cease breeding, then they cease breathing.


ghast OP wrote

I'd say in most cases it's a mixture of political protest and suicide from despair. True that usually someone who is just very serious about making a political statement would try to find a different way. But there are some cases where it seems like the main purpose is to get a message across.