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With any kind of demonstration, I think the main target audience is the public. It can make a difference when people see a large group protesting against the mandates since people are social and being part of a large movement is psychologically appealing. It helps people who are still holding out against mandates to not be demoralized. It can influence the people in the middle who are just complying without really being on board. And it's a networking opportunity for people who want to resist in other ways.


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It's not a bad idea. I've gone cold turkey from politics and news for months at a time when I feel like it's taking up too much time.

But I do enjoy trying to understand what's happening, why it's happening, and what happens next. Since I enjoy it, I don't consider it a complete waste of time.

As for taking action, I think it's important that I do take action, but it's not clear what actions can make a real difference. I think understanding what is going on can help with figuring out which actions are effective and coming up with new ideas.


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This will really be accelerated if people who are being censored tell people "subscribe to my rss feed" instead of "give me your email address and I'll email you". The main convenient thing about sites like reddit, facebook, etc. is that you can see a lot of different content you want to see in a convenient format while staying on one website. Lots of people don't even really know about RSS, but if there's a comeback, that will make it easier for people to follow updates on multiple personal blogs and websites.


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Some journalists who read the article or twitter thread might decide to go without. But I think the reason many journalists are willing to risk bringing their phone amount to more than just the reasons Snowden mentioned (camera, microphone, and word processor). There’s the risk of government hacking but there are also various safety benefits to having a phone while traveling in a dangerous area in a foreign country. (Having a map of the area in a compact form, being able to message someone to request help if something has gone wrong, being able to look up local businesses, call a taxi service etc.) If Snowden just told journalists “don’t carry a smartphone” I think that message would largely be ignored for this reason. That might have been the reason they went with that iPhone too… probably figured it’s best to make mass adoption easier than give advice that won’t be listened too.

You’re right that the introspection engine turned out to be “too much” for most journalists. If I ran a newspaper and wanted journalists to use the introspection engine and/or remove internal microphones to replace with external mics, I’d assign it as a task to someone from IT to set that up on the phones of all the journalists who want it. But yeah, I was watching a video by the guy who Snowden collaborated with on this project (Andrew "bunnie" Huang ). He said he found out out that journalists need something that’s super straightforward to use. Afterwards he started working on another project called Betrusted which will be more straightforward for journalists. Betrusted looks interesting but it’s not finished yet. I was actually looking into it recently and didn’t realize the same guy was behind it. I’m going to post a video which where he talks about some other reasons for why he’s working on Betrusted. (Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware).

He said Edward Snowden came to him with this problem of journalists getting killed and asked him for a solution and the introspection engine is what he came up with. I think “bunnie” fell victim to this bias when assuming this is something journalists would be happy to use if they’re just shown how.


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Questo potrebbe essere l'approccio che stanno già adottando...

F-droid può essere utilizzato per scaricare app GPS che utilizzano OpenStreetMap. Questa app funziona abbastanza bene. Nella mia esperienza, funziona meglio se scarichi anche una mappa dell'area in cui stai guidando.

Ristoranti e negozi che non sono stati aggiunti a OpenStreetMap possono essere aggiunti online o utilizzando questa app


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Fair enough, could have used a nitter link.

Guess he could be limited hangout but even controlled op needs to give accurate info to have credibility. This article he links for example can be judged on its merits without necessarily having to trust him.

Only thing that stands out as possibly intentional misdirection is some of the software recommendations.


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I'd say in most cases it's a mixture of political protest and suicide from despair. True that usually someone who is just very serious about making a political statement would try to find a different way. But there are some cases where it seems like the main purpose is to get a message across.


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I'm pretty pessimistic about things working out long term through conventional politics, lawyers etc. as well. But in the short term, strategies with lawyers are throwing them off. There are also some other things that could possibly cause glitches in their plans and throw them off balance. The main things I see right now are decentralized crypto, the Gamestop situation, and the silver squeeze. I definitely think people should participate in the silver squeeze and buy physical silver for protection against inflation and a possible "cyber pandemic" attack on the financial system that the WEF keeps warning about. (Upcoming false flag to introduce people to central bank digital currency?)

Yeah you could say we are already partially there, when it comes to global technocracy, but there's potential for it to get so much worse in all kinds of ways. If you watch dystopian sci-fi movies you get what I mean. I think there's still a closing window of time when it's possible to resist and it's possible for things to go wrong for the planners.

I think the eventual introduction of central bank digital currency and digital ids for everyone is a major agenda behind the vaccine passports. Sweden may have not locked down so hard because their citizens are already very accustomed to using an ID number for many things and they are already well on the way to a cashless society.

I think payments will be integrated into the vaccine passport apps as a "convenient feature" at first and used to introduce central bank digital currency later, possibly as UBI. The central bank digital currency will not be blockchain based but instead, very centralized and controlled. It will be possible to disable the money of people who get out of line.


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Thanks for the list. Been somewhat busy but I read part of the first two books and have been looking into various resources about the “new world order” concept.

Started to think you might be on to something after seeing

And especially

It is true, of course, that there were Jews connected with Free Masonry from its birth, students of the Kabbala, as is shown by certain rites which survive. It is very probable, too, that in the years preceding the outbreak of the French Revolution, they entered in greater numbers than ever, into the councils of the secret societies, becoming, indeed, themselves the founders of secret associations. There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin, Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of illuminati in France and gathered a large number of disciples...

Kabbalah seems to have been pretty influential to various mystical orders that endorse the NWO concept (Theosophists, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Rosicrucians). Those groups are influenced by a lot of other traditions too though, ranging from ancient Egyptian religion to Buddhism, European paganism, and Christianity. I would have to read more to understand whether there is something about Kabbalah specifically that is influencing that belief in a new world order, or whether it is just a situation where various people and groups interested in mysticism were happy to also incorporate Jewish mysticism.

It looks like the new world order concept started with theosophist Sir Francis Bacon and his book “New Atlantis”. I haven’t read it, but from reading about it on Wikipedia, “New Atlantis” sounds like a pretty good society. Judging from George Washington’s letters about the Illuminati, I’m guessing the Freemasons were a decent organization prior to Illuminati infiltration. Maybe the “novus ordo seclorum” idea started out as something ok as well. I hear that “Proofs of a Conspiracy” is a good read.

Also interesting that many Jews believe their messiah will bring world peace, which I suppose would require a global government. And yeah there are some Jewish supremacists who think they’re supposed to have thousands of goyim slaves or servants in the end times. Interesting too that masons and Jews are both very interested in the building of the third temple in Jerusalem. If you’re right about Jewish culture being the foundation of the NWO, I guess that stuff would be part of it. So far I haven’t come across a “smoking gun” for such theories though.

Really the main issue I have is with what people in power are doing, and not cultural or religious reasons for why they may be doing it. The Chinese are pretty far ahead with many goals shared by people behind the NWO plan. Chinese culture is good in some respects but they have a central bank digital currency, lots of surveillance, vaccine passports, and they’re into transhumanism. If the NWO plan fails and the Chinese eventually take over and start forcing that stuff on people in the US, my issue will just be with everyone at the top of the power structure, the enforcers, and specific ideas which are more common in Chinese culture. I won’t start railing against Chinese culture in general or Chinese people… then again I can see how opposing Chinese cultural influence in general might be necessary to foster enough nationalism for an effective resistance. But there would also be potential for inspiring pointless violence against random Chinese people if it’s too negative about Chinese culture rather than positive about American culture. That’s an issue I have with some people who are into the “jewish question” stuff. Some people take it to absurd extremes thinking any influence jews have had on culture must be inherently bad just because it is jewish influence.

I’m guessing most pro-Israel Christians are influenced by John Hagee and pastors like him. My parents really like him. I don’t think they have a Scofield Reference Bible. I’m agnostic but just looking at observable facts about the current power structure, the idea that the end times are near AND the NWO is going to be against Israel makes very little sense. The only thing that almost helps it make sense is that the UN has regularly condemned Israeli government actions against the Palestinians.