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Now that Dr.Peter-McCullough and Dr.Robert-Malone both went on the Joe Rogan podcast, the truth might spread like a cure and stop this non-sense. Hopefully the braindead sheeps will wake the f up! Times up!

“Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.” ― Margaret Atwood


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So I use some browsers with javascript (JS) disabled. I use these when I search for something or to open random links e.g articles.

Here's the list:

  • Elza-browser This project is pretty neat. By default the browser is in private mode. Therefore, does not retain any browsing information. But lacks of some features tho.

  • Netsurf Very lightweight browser. Netsurf does not handle JS stuff very well. Therefore, work great when JS is disabled.

  • Palemoon Well Palemoon is a well known browser based of Firefox so not much to say about it.

However, im a Emacs user. Emacs is my window manager with EXWM Therefore, I use 80% of the time the Emacs built-in browser eww. Before It was w3m. These are text-based browsers.

When I need to log into some well-known websites e.g Reddit, Bank etc. I use the Brave-browser, Min-browser or Firefox . These browsers obviously run with JS enabled. I never log into Google stuff like YouTube and whatnot. But if I'd ,I'd be using something like the ungoogled-chromium just for Google stuff.

Now, I think you get the point. Use different browsers for specific stuff, hence the Chromium only for Google stuff. Use a browser with JS disabled when you don't know the website you're about to visit or if you do not need to log in.

Also, I don't use the browsers bookmarks. I use a .txt file to save my bookmarks.

Other browsers that are worth noting:

  • Luakit Fast, small, webkit based browser framework extensible by Lua.

  • Nyxt is a infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users. Fully configurable in Lisp

  • Vieb is the Vim Inspired Electron Browser


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cleaner directory, that is sortable by category of eepsite?

What directory are you talking about ?

You can customize your home page from here :

Other than that I dont see what you're talking about.

Or maybe you mean something like notbob or identiguy that we could filter through categories ?

Me I'd like to see a website like these above that would display the description of the eepsites. I think that would be useful.