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I'm just wondering how much this info is being censored. I'm guessing people here have heard of these things, because people on this site probably follow alternative media, but I know other people don't necessarily follow the covid stuff as much as I do.

Article about the convoy with videos and pictures:

I hear even some American truckers are joining. Anecdotally, some Canadians on Reddit are saying that the Trucker protest is having a positive impact on peoples attitudes about the mandates

This site has the route and a donate link

According to Reuters About 50k people protested in Brussels and it got somewhat violent

footage of Brussels protest and some clashes


Washington DC protest was surprisingly big given all the fear about feds




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Wahaha wrote

I don't actually know any of this stuff, since I made it a point over a decade ago to never follow news. Life is too short to waste on this stuff if you have no intention to use the knowledge to take any kind of action anyway.


ghast OP wrote

It's not a bad idea. I've gone cold turkey from politics and news for months at a time when I feel like it's taking up too much time.

But I do enjoy trying to understand what's happening, why it's happening, and what happens next. Since I enjoy it, I don't consider it a complete waste of time.

As for taking action, I think it's important that I do take action, but it's not clear what actions can make a real difference. I think understanding what is going on can help with figuring out which actions are effective and coming up with new ideas.


Wahaha wrote

If you figured out an action and you feel like sharing, let us know.


TallestSkil wrote

It doesn’t matter whether it’s censored or not. Absolutely nothing will result from it.


ghast OP wrote

With any kind of demonstration, I think the main target audience is the public. It can make a difference when people see a large group protesting against the mandates since people are social and being part of a large movement is psychologically appealing. It helps people who are still holding out against mandates to not be demoralized. It can influence the people in the middle who are just complying without really being on board. And it's a networking opportunity for people who want to resist in other ways.


AWiggerInTime wrote

I've heard about the Freedom Convoy and that it has reportedly spread to other countries, but I've only seen some headlines from Paris and Israel. Brussels is some serious news to me.