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smallpond wrote (edited )

Momentum can probably be rebuilt - depending on the determination and time available to the admin.

Any grand plan @Rambler ? Or are you just giving the place a shot of adrenaline to keep it alive for now?


Rambler wrote

No real grand plan right now. I'd like to use different software for the site, but don't want to lose the content that is already here. I'm not a developer, so just creating something from scratch isn't on the table.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of the name 'ramble'. I did this before I ever heard of rumble, and comically enough there is a 'raddle' that is on the same software. I called this place 'ramble' because I was going by 'rambler' on I2P at the time and it seemed fitting.... But the few I've talked to have advised against a name change.

For now, it is what it is. It's open and available. I'll pop in and moderate and share what I can. :)


dhritimitra wrote

Yep. I have logged in here after few months. Seems refreshing, probably a little more users rambling here. Excited for it