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Rambler said ()

I'm responding to this from ramble.i2p right now, are you still experiencing this?

What I2P subscription lists are you using in ?

For example, mine looks like:


dhritimitra OP said ()

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this. I'm still having the same problem, looks more worse, because now I can't even open the homepage (tried both B32 and ramble.i2p). Replying this from using an i2p outproxy

I use i2pd. My subscriptions are the default: http://reg.i2p/hosts.txt http://identiguy.i2p/hosts.txt http://stats.i2p/cgi-bin/newhosts.txt http://i2p-projekt.i2p/hosts.txt

My bandwidth is set to 32KB/s (class L) with 80% of it on share. I have restricted the number of transit tunnels to 1 (my internet plan is limited, 2GB/day) But these shouldn't matter because I can open every other eepsite perfectly fine, be it Dread, reg.i2p, stats.i2p, IRCs, various chans, tube.i2p, libreddit.i2p, etc etc