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Working on a rebrand to address some of the issues with the current platform and because I didn't know rumble was a thing when I created ramble.

OTR = Off The Record

I'm working on a new site that addresses some of the concerns expressed previously here. When done, ramble will redirect to it.



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____ said ()

I hope you will put more effort into advertising it because this community deserves more users and posts.


Rambler OP said ()

I will. This place was more active towards it's beginning, but I became unavailable due to work / life for a long enough period that things got abused here, I had to turn off registration, and several months later it was still closed.

I'm in a position where I'm more available and motivated now, so thinking a reboot will be a good move.


BlueHat said ()

Are you going to use the same software (Postmill)?

I remember you were considering a switch to Throat.


Rambler OP said ()

I have Throat installed (kind of) on a dev server, but I'm not confident in it just yet. There isn't really any documentation and the only other site that I know using it that isn't the official one is poal.