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smartypants said () (edited )


I honestly think Google is lying.
Remember Google's official ACTUAL true corporate motto? I Do.

For years, Google's official actual true corporate motto , which Google lawyers termed a 'corporate code of conduct' was :

'Don't Be Evil'!

I Do not believe at all that not being evil is Google's prime directive!

Google will poison their binary built browser itself with identifying GUIDs that get xferred to their services somehow. Less than a month ago they mentioned in press Google is making more large portions of Chrome CLOSED SOURCE.

You would be fascinated that the NSA decades ago even documented how to permit half bit per pulse communication technologies for long haul telegraphy data leaks.

GOOGLE CAN setup browser and its system authorized binaries to XFER GUID outside view of Wireshark packet grab!!!! No way to see the leak of your GUID!...

Basically you never complete a ack-nak , just a outgoing connect attempt partial handshake, and the TIMING over many seconds of each half-hearted failed connect attempt becomes a bit, and you include a few error correct bits. Then you can transfer 128 bits.

Why is 128 bits so important from a persona on a IP? Because you can store the official Macintosh/Windows/LinusSATABootDevice GUID or Intel or AMD GUID in 128 bits, or at least hash up a approximate 128 de facto GUID.

Leaking data covertly done since the 1950s!!!

half binary communication has been done across CONTINENTS by NSA since 1950s.

YOU basically have low bit rate, but you try to setup a type of ACK-NAK without a NAK and the ACKs have time lag between attempts, no data to study, no visible data to log or capture, but ATTEMPTING to get ready to send is the communication channel.

Its all covered in typical introductory RED-BLACK comms education for mil training courses, but possibly not in technician courses (CTI , CTM) but rather 'Signal Officer' or 'Cyber Operations Officer 17A' and predecessor courses.

A big 1993 non-classified Ft Meade pamphlet : NCSC-TG-030 :

National Computer Security Center A Guide To Understanding Covert Channel Analysis Of Trusted Systems :

Basics are in that 1993 pamphlet I am certain, though I have not read it or related 26 thick "color NSA" books in over 15 years.

Jews in 2019 published REDISCOVERY of 1950s NSA method!

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Jewish researchers published timing-based covert channels setup between routers to leak GUID from hacked routers to NSA or Mossad outsiders, and proved its implementation. They mainly were interested in LAN leaks in large defense labs, not WAN leaks, but its trivial to extend the link below from LAN to WAN half-bit telegraphy. See here for lay person pop press coverage :

I seriously doubt they never read the "color books" from NSA before, and are being glory hounds. Sometimes researchers publish this way for getting hired, or for WARNING PEOPLE of existing NSA hacks in routers without being explicit.

A decent MOSTLY color-complete leaked set of rainbow books on a honey-potted router site is here in complete glory....

YES GLORIOUS NSA books to snag..

NCSC-TG-005, NCSC-TG-011, NACSIM 5203 were the most significant to posses in late 1980s , but even now the Red book was further watered down after 2003. RED BOOKs were still highly selectively edited prior to 2003 even in the 1980s. The most eye popping, and the OMITTED tradecraft and OMITTED means, documented in other Navy Mil books is shocking to me to prove that that these RED color books above were only 95% complete at the time, in case leaked. Prophetic... because as seen... the color books of NSA (rainbow book cover set) WAS LEAKED, including red-black!

In fact its been leaked over a decade here :

And now, Jew comp-sci researchers at universities read them to create undergrad experiments and publish as novel discoveries of principles. As I proved above.

All should read those books. And then never trust any electromagnetic device anywhere near you again! Hell, even your US currency in your wallet contains remote tuned "L Shape" specific harmony angles pulsed by microwaves, and 20 dollar bills are not even thought of as an electromagnetic device, yet provably, they reflect specific microwave tune-able signatures and can be further leveraged to coherently glean human voice range vibrations imparted on the microwave energy from the mylar strip containing the L-SHAPE aluminum embedded in a 20 dollar bill, seen against a bright light.

Trade press lies and claims currency detectors travellers walk through at airports detect magnetic ink from currency (you can LIFT a one dollar bill using a magnet, I did it all the time in front of friends using a rare-earth tiny little magnet). The real money detectors you walk through at airports are only interested in 20s, 50s, 100s and use a microwave pulse on the aluminum L-SHAPES :

that link above is classic disinfo.

The US gov uses disinfo to lie to this day how they caught the black hate crime hoax arsonist of black baptists churches across the south, claiming "tire tread database" when in fact it was the top secret (at the time) gasoline BATF taggant system employed on the fuel. 30 black churches were burned by blacks to blame Whitey in an 18-month period in 1995 and 1996, resulting in even more anti-White federal laws proposed (20 years prison if white!) despite being hoaxes by jews and negros. The black arsonists caught are all clevery exempt under these Jew laws because hate-crime hate-THOUGHT laws are only for Whitey to suffer.


taggant lay person overview :

So much fucking disinfo... and now Jew researchers are lifting their thesis from USA NSA color books, to muddy origins of discoveries.

Sorry for rambling.... Google press headlines bring out my tizzy-fit rages of apoplexy and foaming at the mouth.


BlackWinnerYoshi said ()

Obviously, Goolag wrote about this only to try to keep their privacy concious users - they'll still track them. There are other ways to track users besides third-party cookies, after all.


Rambler OP said ()

Exactly. Seems like all the big players are all of a sudden "privacy conscious" now. Makes you wonder what new tricks they have up their sleeve.


boobs said ()

the web cannot be private as long as google is at the helm.