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RandomlyGeneratedUsername wrote

Following the discussion on /r/netsec, Bruce Schneier is also a director of the Tor Project ;)


smartypants wrote

Bruce Schneier is/was a NSA plant in 1993, proven by ME!

I EXPOSED HIM IN 1993 with actual proof on cyberpunks hangouts, such as usenet

Main proof, was his deliberate subverting of his Blowfish algorithm , that infected over 43 crypto library products!

His Blowfish source code was deliberately subverted in a clever way by him to collapse a crypto key of 256 bits to merely 32 bits if it was derived from user entered text passphrase and the letters typed by user had the high bit set (in ANSI, the high bit is UNDEFINED, not zero, but additionally, mac and pc users can trivially type countless symbols on keyboards that have the highest bit set.

That wiki page, and most people who are not crypto experts in the early 1990s, do NOT KNOW OF NSA connection to Bruce Schneier to spread backdoors in crypto libraries!!!!

wayback machines for usenet used to exist, and could have shown a direct URL to my research proving Bruce Schneier to be under NSA control. NSA uses cash to subvert crypto libraries. Large cash payments are how NSA got engineers at apple to subvert Apples own source code "accidental changes" to SSL code in iOS.

Bruce Schneier is a FUCKING SHILL for NSA!

Remember, Bruce Schneier ALGORITHM for Blowfish was OK, it was his backdoor exploit in the free source code that he widely distributed that has the exploit to collapse and nullify all keyspace.

The high bit got erroneously smeared to all lower bits in each byte of the passphrase. This fact and exploit is still unknown out side of my typing here to you now, and the very rarely archived usenet group I posted too in 1993, 1994. I generally never publish my countless exploits I discover in hardware or software, but I am not wrong and anyone with a copy of Bruce Schneiers widely used blowfish source code promoted in 1994 can trivially verify all I wrote using a ANSI C conformant compiler.

BEWARE Bruce Schneier!

His backdoors in source code , PROVEN, may have toppled governments, promoted fraud, got political dissidents executed, and more.