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Wahaha wrote

I don't really get why anyone would pay for consoles past PS2/NGC. Xbox has been shit since forever. PC gaming isn't any better either.

Personally, all I am doing is classic gaming and romhacks of classic games.


spektor wrote

I cannot justify spending any money on games or Xbox game pass scenarios these days. All of that falls under "disposable income" and I have hardly any of that due to socio-political factors outside my control. Hence, my opinion is it is a waste of money and you are getting a negative experience because it is a waste of money.

However, when I used to have disposable income due to socio-political factors again not under my control, and I did game, and did get on networks like Xbox, there was always a division between people who gamed for the love of gaming versus people who gamed to try to impress people or else somehow made money off of gaming. Most modern gaming has gotten entirely away from gaming for the love/fun of gaming and gotten into franchising and "being the best" and a bunch of other shit that really was never exactly the core of gaming other than maybe getting the "high score" or something.

So, the joy is all "Drained out of it" and that's partly due to money, and so I'd say probably that is why you are feeling pissed off about the experience.


Wingless wrote (edited )

If a reviewer gets a special copy of the software from the company, is it really the same as what anybody else gets? I don't know video games, but I'd expect any sane publisher respecting internet commerce ethics to turn off the throttling on the update speed, go light on the surveillance uploads, steer them away from the worst multiplayer idiots on the server, even shut off the Bitcoin mining subroutine! I bet reviewers see games like nobody's ever seen but them, and can't imagine the world isn't happy with the software. Am I wrong?


awdrifter wrote

Fuck that localization. This is why Nintendo is not any better than Sony IMO. I have accepted the fact that games developed from 2018 and on will be heavily censored. The SJWs has infiltrated the gaming industry too deep, it's like cancer taking over the functioning organs. They only thing we can do at this point is to wait for the gaming industry to crash, then the SJWs will move on to another bigger target (hopefully) and gaming will be the niche hobby that won't attract mainstream attention.

Hopefully when the rebirth happens, the devs are smart enough to implement Region Lock again. I learned Japanese to watch anime and play JRPG, SJWs and game urinalists aren't going to do that, combined with Region Locked game that requires you to either import the game and console from Japan or to find a jailbreakable console, the attention to these games will be much less.


Wahaha OP wrote

I wonder why it's always the US covers that are fucked up. Was there a mob telling Japanese developers that they could peddle their games only if the cover gets desecrated?