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Rambler said ()

I'm not against paper cards, anyone who has been in the public school system has paper vaccine records on file.


I am against having to carry it around, be required to share it with private businesses and definitely against the idea of a digital one.


onion OP said ()

Some colleges have told students that they need to get vaccinated by this fall, but others are saying that they won't and don't think they are legally allowed since the FDA has not given full approval for any of the vaccines. They only granted emergency use authorization.

It will take longer to get full FDA approval for children getting the vaccine because those studies started later

If they are required before they are approved, that's one way covid vaccine requirements could be different than the existing requirements in many school.

I assume most vaccines (flu, measles, etc) are pretty safe, though I haven't really researched it. But I can see a strong possibility of society getting very dystopian over the next 50 years or so. I see further merging of corporate and government power plus increased interest by governments in genetic modification of citizens. According to John Ratcliffe, China is already attempting to develop genetically modified super-soldiers. Publicly, the US might just create augmented soldiers using other technologies like cyborg tech and exoskeletons, at least at first... But I don't think they would just let China race ahead when it comes to genetically enhancing humans (including enhancements like "obedience to authority"). Covertly or not, they'd want to do similar experiments.

Gene therapy is something that can be done by injections today. I think now is probably a good time to push back on the idea that an injection can be required in order to do normal things like go to school. Any freedom is hard to get back once it is given away and I expect that to become even more true in the future.


takeheart said ()

I assume most vaccines are pretty safe

They assumed the same

freedom is hard to get back

Said sheep on it's way to the butchery. WAKE UP YOU DUMB FUCK, lost life is impossible to get back.


Wahaha said ()

So buying them is just peachy? Good to know.


onion OP said ()

Even if the vaccines are ok, it's still a conspiracy to make felons out of people who don't trust the government enough and don't trust pharmaceutical companies enough.