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NotQball OP wrote

The story would not be complete without the side effects which I personally experienced.

When I graduated the prestigious Burger Flip University the top 10% could not find jobs. The bottom 40% were employed at 6x the minimum wage before the last day of class. The rest was a mixed bag. I eventually found a workaholic which offered 2.5x minimum with an agreement that I would not leave for 1 year. He offered that to a lot of briliant people. It was not enough to pay student loans so a lot of people turned to drug dealing on the side. Nobody was ever caught and nobody got addicted. After another such experience at 4.5 x minimum I became a hired gun... which turned up OK and fited my lifestyle.


righttoprivacy wrote (edited )

This is sad. The walls over the garden grow ever taller. :'( I don't for a second believe he bought it for "free speech", as deamplification is admitted, and blocking nitter destroys neutral 3rd party searches.

And there are hidden owners. Believe some doc mentioned around 80? It was ten's of controlling interest owners, that much I remember.


Titlacahuan wrote

That is such a brilliant strategic move that shows long-term vision by Los Viagras. Such makeshift networking infrastructure may be the only viable way to resist the dominance of big ISPs by the ordinary population. Many a rebellion (see Emiliano Zapata Salazar) have started with small steps like this one.

The article is clearly biased against Los Viagras and I am clearly biased in their favor, but there are two sides to each story. Just like 20 years ago the US government was labeling anyone they didn't like "terrorists" these days Latin-American governments throw the word "cartel" left and right.


mrflibble wrote

I tried it on an HP nc6320 a few years ago, and it installed, but I had problems with drivers. I tried the same model again about 6 months ago, and it didn't even boot this time :( I should try it again soon. It's a great project, it's just a shame that it feels like it's moving so slowly. It would be great as an alternative to old OSes like 2000 and XP that are no longer supported, but run expensive equipment like medical or other scientific devices.


righttoprivacy wrote (edited )

Captchas and Internet ID for all! 🫡

At least this is the likely corporate "solution", for AI's internet pollution.


Or a vouch based system of sorts where applicable.

This is a real problem.

An asymmetric warfare attack on internet anonymity and networks (in the long-run).


Rambler wrote

Man, I would have loved to have 25Mbps down previously. Used a rural WISP for a long time, until the company stopped offering the ISP part of it's telecom business. Even then, I could only get about 10Mbps down on a good day. Afterwards, was stuck using a 4G Mobile hotspot in an area where 1 bar of service is standard, two if I walk to the edge of the property. Common speeds for that was 2-3Mbps. I could have gotten ViaSat or something else, but the price, bandwidth cap, reviews and speeds made it seem like a no-go.

Finally after over a year of waiting was able to get Starlink, but it's so costly for the speed and service. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'd much rather have in-home DSL or something for a quarter of the cost and quarter of the max speed if it was an option here.

This is all within the last few years.

The US is massive and still mostly rural, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to bring fiber to most areas of the country. I feel like you can't drive 100 miles on the interstate without running into some large roadway construction or maintenance project, seems like a good time to build out a larger fiber network and allow ISPs to lease the fiber or something.

And then you have some cities where it's practically ATT and Comcast holding a monopoly on internet, and other cities where there are dozens of small ISPs and multi-gbps fiber to your home or office is an easily accessible and affordable option.


not_bob OP wrote (edited )

I've built a number of these over the years. Overall pretty useless.

The most useful one is the one that sits attached the visor in my van. Pull the visor down and there is a screen.

It's perfect for use in parking lots, or keeping track of things while driving. Though, it's really only suitable for text mode stuff. Too under powered.


Rambler wrote (edited )

Threads got a jump start on it's userbase by making it incredibly simple for current Instagram (and maybe Facebook?) users from signing up to the platform. They already have your data, so you don't need to 'create an account'. It's more of an opt-in, from what I understand. So with that in mind, it's incredibly hassle-free to join which likely is the reason for such high numbers, if they are to be believed to begin with.

It's unlikely to be a Twitter killer in my opinion, but time will tell.

What I find the most interesting when reading comments on the web on places like reddit is the amount of people who dislike Musk so much that they'll support Zuckerberg blindly. Say what you want about Musk but he has at least been part of advancing the automobile, space and telecom industries. Zuck probably still thinks people are "dumb fucks" for trusting him with their data.

(Posted from my Starlink connection. Thanks Musk!)


Rambler wrote

Care to recommend a 60% keyboard? Bonus if it comes with a travel case!

It'll only be for mobile use with the laptop, as my workstation and daily driver needs a num-pad for me to keep my sanity since I crunch some numbers from time to time. But I'd still like a 60% option for increased portability and ability to pack one in a bag with my laptop.


not_bob OP wrote

I'm a big fan of 60% keyboards. Who needs arrow keys? Not when you have tcsh compiled with the build time option for vi key movement! Though, the ones use do offer the option of arrow keys with an FN key. Sometimes you need them.