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I just want to make this quick: despite the author of this forum saying Ramble is privacy focused (clear net, Tor, I2P, uses kddit as an alternative interface to reddit), the clear net site has a censorship friendly MitM: Clownflare. And here's some proof it's bad (clear net only). So I suggest that, since a lot of users on this forum are probably using clear net (unlike me, where I use Tor), Clownflare should either be replaced with VanwaTech (clear net only), which is paid, or it should be removed completely, after all, I don't think there has been a DDoS attack on this forum.



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Rambler wrote

DDOS filtering is done at the network level, so I'm not worried about that. I've just used Cloudflare for years and have gotten used to it's ease of use for DNS hosting and quick on the fly SSL cert setups.

I'll seek out an alternative and add that to the list, as well as changing the SSL cert since it's issued by CF as well.

Give me a few days, until then use any of the viable alternative methods.


solstice wrote

beloved admin switching away from clownflare? after one (polite) request? :O it's more likely than you think.


Rambler wrote

I will, at the very least, look more into it.

Can always just use a free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate and host the DNS elsewhere.


anon wrote

Now that does put a smile on my face.


hideyourlies wrote

There's also DDOS GUARD that I have used in the past and they have never been an issue for me.